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19 White Lies All Best Friends Have Told Each Other

Because sometimes reassurance is more important than the truth.

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4. "It wasn't that bad."

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When they've done something pretty awful* while drunk the night before, and they're kind of freaking out.

*Once it's safely in the past you will take great joy in painfully describing to them just how awful it really was.


5. "Yeah I agree, they looked so much better when you were together."

Walt Disney

When your best friend asks whether you think their ex has got uglier since they stopped dating, but you never especially liked them in the first place.


9. "Yeah, I hate them too."

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When your best friend has a new enemy but you don't have much of a feeling about them either way.

NB. Soon you will genuinely hate them just as much, if not more, than they do – because that's how best friendships work.

12. "I'm not going to tell you."

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When you have a great secret that you're not supposed to tell anyone. You're obviously going to tell them, but you just want to taunt them for a little longer.


13. "No, I haven't watched any more episodes."

Watching an episode of a series you're watching together without them is the ultimate betrayal, but sometimes you just can't wait, so you just have to watch it with them for a second time and do your best to fake your reactions*.

*You'll probably get found out.

15. "It's fine – I wanted to go home anyway."

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When they do drag you away from the night out – but because they've had a bit of emergency and they need you, and you don't want them to feel guilty.


19. "Everything is going to be OK."

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For when you have no idea if it's actually going to be OK, but you know it's what they need to hear right now, and that's what a best friend is for.