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29 Times TV Couples Gave Us Serious Relationship Goals

We want what they have.

1. In The Office, when Jim revealed exactly when he bought Pam's engagement ring.

2. When Pam tore her veil on their wedding day, and Jim wasted no time in cutting his tie off to even things up.

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And Pam's adorable "memory camera" snapshot that followed.

3. Then, when he snuck her away from their own wedding to go and get married secretly on a boat.

4. And when they proved that you can't choose where or when you fall in love.

5. In How I Met Your Mother, when Lily and Marshall were always completely in sync.

6. When Lily was right there for Marshall in the hardest of times.

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7. And when they fixed our broken hearts and got back together on the steps.

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8. In Modern Family, when Mitch and Cam raised their adopted child, Lily, to think like this.

9. When Mitch ran into the sea to tell Cam he didn't need him to change.

10. And when Phil and Claire proved the fun doesn't stop when you get married.

11. In Glee, when Kurt and Blaine were just impossibly cute.

12. In New Girl, when Nick and Jess were the goofy couple we all wish we could be.

13. And when Schmidt put it all on the line for Cece, and it paid off.

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14. In Parks and Recreation, when Leslie and Ben showed us the meaning of "for better, for worse".


15. And when Leslie had a conversation exclusively with Ben's butt.


16. When Andy and April shared everything.

17. And when they made a plan to get divorced, just so they could get married again.


18. In Orange Is the New Black, when Piper and Alex were deadly serious and extremely silly all at the same time.

19. In House of Cards, when Frank and Claire were the ultimate power couple.

20. In The O.C., when Seth and Summer were behind each other all the way.

21. When they shared the perfect kiss.

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22. And when he told her there was never anyone else.

23. In Breaking Bad, when Jesse and Jane were each other's rocks.


We'll never get over that awful scene.

24. In Scrubs, when Turk and Carla taught you that it's not always easy, but it is always worth it.

25. And when JD and Elliot summed up literally everything we ever need from a relationship.

26. The first time Chandler told Monica he loved her in Friends, when she had a whole turkey on her head.

27. And when Monica tried to propose to Chandler and couldn't, so Chandler pulled it together and stepped in.

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28. When Rachel kissed Ross after watching the prom video.

29. And of course, when she got off the plane.

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She's his lobster.