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29 Times TV Couples Gave Us Serious Relationship Goals

We want what they have.

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2. When Pam tore her veil on their wedding day, and Jim wasted no time in cutting his tie off to even things up.

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And Pam's adorable "memory camera" snapshot that followed.

6. When Lily was right there for Marshall in the hardest of times.

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7. And when they fixed our broken hearts and got back together on the steps.

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13. And when Schmidt put it all on the line for Cece, and it paid off.

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14. In Parks and Recreation, when Leslie and Ben showed us the meaning of "for better, for worse".


15. And when Leslie had a conversation exclusively with Ben's butt.


17. And when they made a plan to get divorced, just so they could get married again.


21. When they shared the perfect kiss.

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23. In Breaking Bad, when Jesse and Jane were each other's rocks.


We'll never get over that awful scene.

27. And when Monica tried to propose to Chandler and couldn't, so Chandler pulled it together and stepped in.

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29. And of course, when she got off the plane.

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She's his lobster.

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