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Updated on Sep 2, 2020. Posted on Apr 13, 2016

24 Things That Were Cool In The '00s But Definitely Aren't Now

Put the rhinestones away, OK?

1. Asking literally everyone you saw, "Whassup?"

It's 2016, nothing is up any more.

2. Getting your capri pant on.

Evan Agostini / Getty Images

Imagine trying to get Rihanna to wear this today. She would literally end you.

3. Spending every night glued to BBM, talking mostly to people you barely even knew.

Twitter: @Melanie86696770

Kids today probably don't even know what a Blackberry is.

4. Really, really fucking terrible *ironic* T-shirts.

These were never actually cool, but far too many people thought they were.

5. Tinted sunglasses, as worn (literally always) by Anastacia.

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

These should be "Left Outside Alone" in 2002.

6. Wearing multiple popped collars, because one just wasn't cool enough.

Nowadays, zero popped collars is DEFINITELY cool enough.

7. Rocking out with your Croc out.


8. Those jeans that had a seam down the front, which were a thing for some reason.

Two seams is enough seams in 2016.

9. Torturing yourself with corset tops.

Kevin Winter / ImageDirect / Fox

Because obviously the best kind of fashion is the kind that makes you feel desperately uncomfortable at all times.

10. Completing basically any outfit with your Von Dutch trucker cap.

Mesh is yet to make a comeback in 2016.

11. Buying only clothes with rhinestones on them, or just sticking them to everything you already had.

Particularly your phone, most things in your room, and your own face.

12. Crazy Frog and his weird little penis.

Seriously, why the fuck did this ever exist?

13. Choker necklaces, bad denim, body glitter... Basically everything about this picture.

David Klein / Getty Images

Paris and Nicole really owned the '00s.

14. Charity wristbands for every single cause.

You might have cared a bit about poverty, but you cared more about looking cool at school.

15. Carrying tiny dogs around with you in the street.

Mark Mainz / Getty Images

Paris: "I'm just off to walk the dog..." *picks up dog, carries it out the door, spends three hours shopping with dog in handbag, comes home*

16. Having a goddamn Big Mouth Billy Bass on your wall.

These were really fun to press exactly once, and then the actual worst thing in the world every other time after that.

17. The chunkiest wallet chains you could find.

You told your mum they were for keeping your keys safe. They were not for keeping your keys safe.

18. Owning a webcam, so that you could video chat with all of your school friends you had literally just spend the whole day with.

There's something really creepy about buying a webcam in 2016.

19. Long-sleeved shirts under short-sleeved shirts.

Getty Images

Ed Sheeran tried to bring it back. He failed.

20. The not-so-perfect pairing of thongs and low-rise jeans.

Looks like a whale is diving into your butt.

21. Accidentally fucking up your fingers with Beyblades.

Sure, they were fun, but imagine taking them to work and getting them out to play with on your lunch break.

22. Wearing your canvas belt so that the end bit kind of flopped down from your jeans.

Bonus points for skateboard brands and really bright colours, obviously.

23. Also studded belts, if you were a little more emo than skater.

So shiny. Much too shiny to wear today.

24. And making your eyebrows look like this.

Getty Images

Why? Just why?

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