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    If "Friends" Had Been Set At A School In Britain

    The one where Phoebe gets trashed on Smirnoff Ice.

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    1. The one where Ross forgot about non-uniform day.

    2. The one with Phoebe's emo phase.

    3. The one where Chandler snorts sherbet, gets a really bad nosebleed and has to get picked up by his mum.

    4. The one where Rachel takes Monica out of her Myspace top eight.

    5. The one where they get to go on 50/50.

    6. The one where Chandler loses all his pogs.

    7. The one where Ross breaks his Livestrong bracelet and everyone says he doesn't care about charity.

    8. The one where Phoebe dates a boy from the rival school.

    9. The one where Chandler calls the teacher "mum".

    10. The one where Ross gets lost on DofE and has to sleep alone under a bench.

    11. The one where Joey gets to sit at the back of the bus.

    12. The one where Ross and Rachel go out and break up again four times in a single week.

    13. The one where Phoebe gets trashed on Smirnoff Ice.

    14. The one where Monica gets a B in critical thinking.

    15. The one where they all get to skip lessons to watch England get knocked out of the World Cup on penalties.

    16. The one where Ross and Monica get Blue Peter badges.

    17. The one where everyone fancies Rachel's mum.

    18. The one where Chandler gets a shiny Charizard.

    19. The one with the new kid called Gunther.

    20. The one where everyone's jealous of Phoebe's hair braid.

    21. The one with the dog in the playground.

    22. The one where Joey hits on a sixth former.

    23. The one where Joey hits on the dinner lady, who's like 50.

    24. The one where they all go to the arcade and Phoebe gets the high score on Dance Dance Revolution.

    25. The one where Chandler gets a bowl cut.

    26. The one where Monica spoils Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for the whole class because she read it in eight hours.

    27. The one where Ross tries to be goth.

    28. The one with Phoebe's scented gel pens.

    29. The one where Chandler makes Joey his Bebo "other half of me".

    30. The one where Jamie Oliver takes away their turkey twizzlers.

    31. The one where Monica and Chandler get a 98% match on Love Calculator.

    32. The one where Monica was the only one who cared about SATs.

    33. The one where Rachel gets sent home for dying her hair pink.

    34. The one where Chandler forgets his PE shorts so the teacher makes him play football in a skirt.

    35. The one with Ross and Monica's school disco dance routine.

    36. The one where Joey eats five school lunches.

    37. The one with Rachel's crush on the history teacher.

    38. The one where Ross lost The Game.

    39. The one where Monica collects 143 "box tops for books".

    40. The one where Joey flicks an elastic band at the teacher's back but doesn't own up to it so the whole class has to stay behind at lunch.

    41. The one where they find Chandler's blog.

    42. The one where Ross dates Rachel's sister and the age difference makes it kinda weird.

    43. The one where Joey's really good at cricket.

    44. The one where Rachel uses her period as an excuse to get out of the bleep test.

    45. The one where Monica is finally allowed to get her ears pierced and everyone goes to Claire's with her to watch.

    46. The one where Joey broke everyone's shag bands.

    47. The one where they found out Monica's Uggs were fake.

    48. The one where Ross kicks the ball over the fence and everyone shouts at him.

    49. The one where Phoebe runs a tuck shop out of her locker.

    50. The one where Joey buys everything in Phoebe's tuck shop.

    51. The one with all the Lynx Africa.

    52. The one with the school trip to a pencil factory โ€“ part I.

    53. The one with the school trip to a pencil factory โ€“ part II.

    54. The one where Joey draws a Sharpie dick on Chandler's back and they both get set to the headmistress.

    55. The one where Phoebe sells weed to the year sevens.

    56. The one where Phoebe gets expelled.

    57. The one where Rachel smokes a 20-pack in a day without actually inhaling once.

    58. The one where the Daily Mail prints a photo of Monica jumping in the air with her GCSE results.

    59. The one where Joey fails French.

    60. The one where Ross starts collecting Warhammer.

    61. The one with Rachel's fake ID.

    62. The one where Phoebe comes back and graffitis the headmistress' office.

    63. The one where Rachel and Monica end up at different sixth form colleges and promise to stay in touch but never see each other again.

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