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    21 Rites Of Passage For Everyone Who Went To School In Britain

    Sitting at the back of the bus on a school trip = the holy grail.

    1. Having to wear uniform three sizes too big for you because your mum said you'd "grow into it".

    Twitter: @TargettLuke

    But by the time it actually fitted you properly it was too tattered to keep wearing.

    2. Accidentally playing with something fun and squidgy under your desk, only to realise it was someone's old gum.

    Twitter: @laura_saraby

    Sooooo gross, but also weirdly satisfying?

    3. Getting banned from the school "nature area" because it had become so overgrown it probably had grass snakes in.

    Twitter: @RTurffrey

    Occasionally a ball would get kicked in there or something and you'd have to sneak in without a teacher seeing.

    4. Dying from embarrassment during the parents' races on sports day.

    Twitter: @KellyRoughley / Alex Finnis / BuzzFeed

    Everyone else's parents were doing it too, but yours were obviously the most embarrassing.

    5. Trading your horrible sandwich for a different horrible sandwich on the coach to your school trip.

    Twitter: @Clairey225

    School trip lunch checklist:

    - Bad sandwiches

    - Carton of warm juice

    - Packet of cheap crisps (either Golden Wonder or KP)

    - Bright green apple (with bruises).

    6. Waiting for ages on the coach before leaving for the school trip because no one knew where that one kid was.

    Twitter: @HeadofJuniors / Alex Finnis / BuzzFeed

    There was always one.

    7. Staining your history project with a tea bag, and burning the edges with your dad's lighter.

    You put significantly more effort into this than you did into the actual work.

    8. Getting held behind at break with the rest of your class because one person had done something really naughty and no one would admit it. / Alex Finnis / BuzzFeed

    Even if you knew who it was, you weren't allowed to dob them in.

    9. Getting a brand new textbook for the very first time.

    No names dating back to 1984 on the inside cover! No random pages missing that meant you jumped from 193 to 202! No dicks drawn going into the mouths of the people demonstrating the science experiment!

    10. Spilling your drink inside your school bag and soaking all of your books.

    You'd realise it had come undone when you felt your bum getting wet even though it wasn't raining.

    11. Forgetting your PE kit and having to wear something from the dreaded lost property.

    Or even worse, being made to just do it in your underwear.

    12. Graduating from sitting on the sports hall floor during assembly to sitting on the benches at the back.

    No more dead buttocks! Unless you had to sit on those bobbly bits.

    13. Making your entire class lose "The Game".

    Sorry if you're still playing.

    14. Wearing these into school because you'd accidentally left your proper shoes in the changing rooms overnight.

    Twitter: @Lewijc

    And feeling like a proper dickhead, because your parents made you wear these and not your normal trainers.

    15. Discovering your entire future with a game of M.A.S.H., and realising you're destined to marry a celebrity 20 years older than you.

    Eight and a half million kids? Better get going pretty soon.

    16. Getting peanutted so badly that you literally couldn't get it undone.

    Twitter: @joelroberts_ / Alex Finnis / BuzzFeed

    And then you were the one who got told off for not wearing their tie properly, because if there's anything school teaches you, it's justice.

    17. Playing football with a stone because all the balls had been kicked over the fence (normally by the same kid).

    Twitter: @ash_lewis_ / Alex Finnis / BuzzFeed

    "Basically anything can be a football if you try hard enough" – John 3:16.

    18. Having some kind of injury "healed" by an old lady dabbing it with these paper towels.

    Twitter: @ronnoclligam

    For some reason every school in Britain believed they had magical properties.

    19. Watching the same film in class at the end of each school year, because the teacher couldn't be bothered to teach anything new. / Alex Finnis / BuzzFeed

    For anyone born in the '90s it was probably something like Shrek.

    20. Writing your name on the back of everyone's shirt on your last day – and making sure you had everyone's name on yours.

    The more teachers you could get, the more valuable your shirt was.

    21. And sitting at the back of the bus for the very first time.

    Twitter: @PrimarySklProbs

    Especially if it was a school trip, when the seats always looked exactly like this.