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23 People Who Sadly Will Not Be Joining Us In 2016

RIP all these people, you will be missed.

1. This little girl, taken from us long before her time.

2. Also this young girl. So tragic. So sad.

3. This long jumper, who leaves us a hero.

4. And this small child, gone but not forgotten.

5. This lady. RIP.

6. So long this guy, your friend knows your pain.

7. This guy was really looking forward to 2016, but now he is sadly dead.

8. This guy? He's dead too.

9. And this girl? Dead as fuck. Probably her boyfriend too.

Thiago Correa / Via

10. We'll be without this girl, who left us with a smile on her face.

11. And this dancer. RIP in peace.

12. This man, who will be missed.

13. This girl, who died doing what she loved – playing giant Jenga alone in her garden.

14. And this small child. Goodnight, sweet prince.

15. 2016 just won't be the same without this toilet athlete.

16. We'll miss you, fire head girl.

17. And wheelchair racing man? We'll miss you most of all.

18. This girl was close to making it. So close.

19. This lady so nearly got there.

20. How are we supposed to go on without this guy?

21. Without this filmmaker?

22. Even this master criminal – we'll miss him too.

23. God bless you all.

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