Halloween As Told By "Mean Girls," "Legally Blonde," And "Clueless"

You’re going to find the perfect costume and look totally fetch. What, like it’s hard?

2. But a last minute costume attempt can be disastrous.

Ugh, we know, jungle freak.

4. So you scour the Internet during class months in advance.

5. Except you get super frustrated because you can’t find ANYTHING.

7. Plus, your group needs coordinating costumes.

8. And you have to make sure no one goes astray.

9. In the meantime, you try to plan out the night but everything sounds lame.

10. You finally convince your friends to go to your crush’s party, even though it’s across campus.

11. It’s finally (the first of up to three nights of) Halloween and everything’s coming together!

12. Your crew looks tight.

13. And you make your entrance looking AMAZING.

14. But there’s always that one lame person that doesn’t get it.

15. And you’re just like…

16. And assert yourself.


17. Then you get the party started.

18. And because you look so great, at least one weirdo will try to hit on you.

19. The night probably won’t go exactly as planned.

21. But you’ll have the best time being weird with your friends.

22. At the end of the night, you’ll reward yourself.

23. Because you know you totally rocked Halloween.

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