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Fridays, As Told By Kristen Wiig

Because by the time Friday rolls around, we're just like *whatever*.

Good morning! You look at your alarm clock and realize you overslept.

But it's Friday, so you cruise to work.

You walk in, strutting your stuff.

And then you see the guy you have a major crush on.

So you flash your best smile, thinking you look like this.

When you actually look like this.

And during the entire morning meeting, you look like this.

Lunch finally rolls around, and you're starving.

Except you forgot your wallet at home.

So you eat a granola bar from the bottom of your purse.

You think your boss didn't see you come in late, but then she gives you a look like this.

And then you're just like:

But then work is FINALLY over.

And it's time to hit the town with your best friends.

But within the first 10 minutes at the bar, someone spills a drink on you.

And you're thinking.

But instead, you take the high road.

And then you have an awesome time dancing with your friends.

Or solo.

Then at the end of the night, you stuff your face because it's Friday.

And honestly, you're just like: