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    21 Ways You Are Definitely Leslie Knope

    From waffles to work to winning, you're pretty much a boss.

    1. You stand firm in your beliefs.

    2. You have your priorities straight.

    3. And you're a workaholic.

    4. Sometimes you're a little bit dramatic.

    5. But let's admit it, you're pretty adorable.

    6. You're strong and can handle anything.

    7. Except maybe your alcohol.

    8. You love yourself.

    9. But you would do anything for your friends.

    10. You don't understand foolish people.

    11. You're a problem solver.

    12. But even you sometimes need a little reassurance.

    13. With guys, things normally go like this.

    14. But occasionally, it goes like this.

    15. And when it does, you do something along these lines.

    16. But in the end, you have one true love.

    17. You've got a few enemies.

    18. But hell hath no fury like you scorned.

    19. Oh yeah, you're type A.

    20. But you keep it real.

    21. And all you do is win.