19 Things Pop Culture Addicts Know To Be True

Must. Watch. E! Network.

1. You’ve probably got a Hulu Plus account and Netflix and HBO GO and a DVR…

FOX / Via glee.wikia.com

2. Growing up, you dirtied your family and friends in Trivial Pursuit.

Hasbro / Via peterlewis.com

3. The People Magazine crossword puzzle is your bitch.

People Magazine / Via storiesofthestidhams.blogspot.com

16 across is Eve, DID I STUTTER?

4. Because popular culture is your thing.

NBC / Via gifrific.com

5. You can trace back celebrity couples and memorize their nicknames.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images For BET

6. From Bennifer…

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

7. To Bennifer…?

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

8. In fact, you should probably be on E! News already.

Showtime / Via giphy.com

9. Or at least be some sort of pop culture correspondent.

NBC / Via giphy.com


Entertainment Weekly / Via eonline.com

Entertainment Weekly. Read up.

11. You know all the Top 40 music.

12. But you also know the really good stuff.

Haim. Yes please.

13. You buy pop culture items like it’s your job.

Roaring Softly/Etsy / Via etsy.com

You can purchase this piece of artwork and others like it here.

14. And when a TV show or movie slips in an obscure reference, you’re all over it.

Jeopardy! / Via giphy.com

15. Plus, you always know the name of “that guy from that thing.”

David Livingston / Getty Images

For example, this is Gregg Henry. He plays Hollis Doyle on Scandal but also played Logan’s dad, Mitchum Huntzberger, on Gilmore Girls.

16. Sometimes people don’t understand the value of popular culture knowledge.

Paramount Pictures / Via wifflegif.com

Tell ‘em, Kevin.

17. Or even better, when someone tries to stump you with some “new information.”

Cartoon Network / Via giphy.com

18. But when someone doesn’t know basic pop culture info, you’re like…

Comedy Central / Via giphy.com

“Wait, what band was Justin Timberlake in again?”

19. And you realize he/she’s not kidding…

NBC / Via giphy.com
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via giphy.com

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