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    • Response to Baz Luhrmann Sucks:

      I agree that Baz Luhrmann’s films can be over the top butIthink they’re meant to be.Ithink it’sastylistic choice. He chooses the represent things in an exaggerated way to be entertaining and to makeapoint. His movies connect with people inapositive way andIthink we should respect that. The deeper meaning of his films might not be too deep, like you’ve said. Things like “A life lived in fear isalife half lived” and “The greatest thing you’ll ever do is just to love and be loved in return” are obvious, yes, but sometimes its good for the point ofamovie to be easy to find. That way, more people can connect with it and be affected by the film. And its totally fine that you didn’t connect with Luhrmann’s work but let’s not make people feel bad because they did. Art is so personal and subjective that it would be impossible for all of us to ever come to an agreement about any film.Ithink its best if we just learn to accept the opinions of others. Let’s like the things we like and let others like the things they like.

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