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    30 Kitchen Gadgets For Anyone Who Doesn't Know What They're Doing

    So how does one boil water?

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    1. A stainless steel strainer so you can drain cans without making a total mess and without cutting yourself. The rust-resistant stainless steel won't trap odors and is easy to clean.

    2. A pack of basic cooking utensils that are both durable and heat-resistant for your everyday needs. Flipping burgers? Check. Making pasta? Check. Plus, the handles are made from Acacia wood for a sleeker look.

    3. A silicone baking mold, because spending all that time making egg muffins or cupcakes only to have all the bottoms rip off is way too frustrating. The molds are freezer-, dishwasher-, and oven-safe, so they're super versatile.

    4. A Dash mini griddle for pancakes that'll make breakfast a total breeze. It's the perfect size for a dorm room or small apartment, and with the blue indicator light, you'll know exactly when your food is ready.

    5. And a Dash rapid egg cooker, because a nutritious, hearty omelette shouldn't take an eternity to make (or be super difficult). It'll serve up hard-boiled, poached, or scrambled eggs in just minutes.

    6. Heavy-duty kitchen shears that'll come apart for a full cleaning once you'd used them on meat, veggies, as a bottle opener, peeler, can opener, and nut cracker. Well, not all at once, but you get the idea.

    7. A digital food scale with a conversion chart etched onto the top so you'll never have to ask Siri how many tablespoons are in a cup again. No one ever remembers those measurements anyway, so having a cheat sheet handy is the way to go.

    8. A three-in-one slicer so you can cut apples, dice potatoes, and core mangos without overloading your kitchen drawer with unnecessary gadgets.

    9. A Frywall to prevent the awful oil and grease splatter that plagues your stovetop every time you attempt to cook. The heat-resistant silicone won't melt in the pan and can be wiped down with soap and water after use.

    10. Kitchen timers so you don't accidentally burn the food you worked so hard to prepare. Experienced cooks just ~know~ when they're food is ready, but hey, you're learning as you go and might as well rely on an actual clock.

    11. Color-coded cutting boards, because mixing raw meats with veggies when prepping food is unsanitary! Each board provides a handy photo so you know which is which, plus they're lightweight, flexible, slip-resistant, and durable.

    12. A digital thermometer to avoid undercooked meat because uh, that's a serious health hazard!! For an accurate reading, this thermometer takes four to six seconds to determine the temp and is great to use when cooking your first roast.

    13. A reusable silicone baking mat that'll save you a ton of money on parchment paper, tinfoil, and flour. It's great to use when working with dough since it's non-stick. With clear measurements, any novice baker will feel like a pro when they're finished prepping their pie.

    14. Collapsible strainers, because no one really has enough cabinet space to store these easily. You can rinse whatever ingredient you're using and even use the bowls to serve. Once finished, just collapse down!

    15. Or! A flat colander to lay at at the bottom of your sink to catch all the food scraps that otherwise fall down the drain and cause a clog. It can also be used for defrosting so water doesn't pool around the chicken your mom asked you take out of the freezer a few hours ago!

    16. A finger guard for protection while chopping veggies and other foods. The grip can be adjusted to fit different finger sizes and is made of rust-resistant stainless steel.

    17. An easy-to-use NutriBullet blender so you can make delicious protein shakes and smoothies quickly and efficiently. The stainless steel blades will cut through fruits and veggies with no problem.

    18. A steamer basket to make steaming veggies a breeze. It'll cradle broccoli and carrots so you don't have to burn your hands when removing the vegetables from boiling water.

    19. A three-cup rice cooker that'll do the heavy-lifting for you come dinnertime. It'll master white or brown rice, plus oatmeal. And the steam vent cap means you won't get those annoyingly messy overflows. It can actually adjust cooking temperature and time due to its internal computer and will keep food warm once it's done.

    20. A stainless steel odor remover, because regular soap and water sometimes cannot rid of icky fish, garlic, and onion smells! You can use this bar like you would a bar of soap — with water! Once finished just leave it out to dry.

    21. A press to crush garlic instead of having to delicately cut the small cloves. It makes the process so much faster and even comes with a quick-peeling silicone tube and mini brush to clean the cloves beforehand.

    22. An oven rack push/puller so you don't have to reach awkwardly into the oven to grab whatever goodies you just made. It's made of beech wood and has a high temperature resistance, so no, it will not burst into flames.

    23. A cell phone and tablet stand, because when you start out in the kitchen, you're definitely gonna have to reference the recipe once, twice, or maybe one hundred times to get it right. And that's okay! Better safe than sorry.

    24. A pair of onion goggles to prevent teary eyes while you're chopping away. The soft foam blocks out irritating odors to leave your eyes dry and sting-free.

    25. A heating-conducting scooper so you're not hacking at ice cream like a lumberjack until some finally comes loose. Now you'll be able to enjoy dessert time post-dinner without having to get an extra arm workout in that day.

    26. A set of mini spatulas to get every last drop out of sauce and Nutella jars. These work really well on bottles with a narrow opening so you don't waste food and get your money's worth.

    27. A vegetable chopper that'll dice up carrots and onions in seconds so you can keep all your fingers intact. It has two different sized blades, a four-cup container, and a cleaning brush.

    28. A handheld knife sharpener to combat the dullest of blades. The bottom has rubber grips so you can safely sharpen your knife set without fear of slipping. Plus it's ergonomic so both lefties and righties can use it!

    29. A silicone popper so you can get fluffy, perfectly-popped popcorn without having to stand over a stove. It'll collapse down for easy storage and is made from durable silicone.

    30. A jar opener suitable for those with limited mobility and safe enough for kids. It can handle bottles and jars of various sizes, using its metal teeth to open the lid with little effort on your part. AKA it'll finally stop you from struggling with that jar of pickles.

    Only a little bit of practice and you'll be a pro!

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