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    We Tested Miracle Kitchen Gadgets And Found The Legit Ones

    And they're all under $25.

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    Cooking is hard work — and that's why kitchen gadgets that promise to make life easier can come in handy.

    But it can be difficult to figure out whether these ~miracle tools~ are actually worth it. So we decided to put five of the most popular ones to the test.

    Here was our gadget lineup:

    And here's how everything stacked up!

    1. THE CHALLENGE: Cook two servings of pasta as fast as possible.

    TBH, we were ~skeptical~ of the boat at first...

    But it won!

    2. THE CHALLENGE: Halve, pit, and slice three avocados as fast as possible.

    As you can see...this one wasn't even close, lol.

    The knife won. 🔪

    3. THE CHALLENGE: Chop one bunch of parsley and one bunch of green onions as fast as possible.

    So, how do these scissors work?

    Ultimately, this one was a tie.

    4. THE CHALLENGE: Cook and peel six hard-boiled eggs as fast as possible.

    So, how do you use the little egg robot?

    And the egg cooker totally delivered.

    5. THE CHALLENGE: Strip three ears of corn as fast as possible.

    So what's this corn stripper all about?

    The knife came out on top, though.

    What are your favorite kitchen gadgets that you think are worth the $$? Tell us in the comments!

    Check out the full showdown here:

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