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    27 Of The Best Kitchen Storage And Organization Products On Amazon

    If your kitchen countertops and cabinets are a mess, proceed.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A two-tier shelf that'll help you get the most out of tight corners. You can stack spices, vitamins, and really anything else that may be overflowing from your cabinets., Amazon

    You can also use a shelf like this in your bathroom to help with counter space!

    Promising review: "I recently remodeled my kitchen and was looking for something that would maximize my counter space. After researching several different options I chose this one. I am very pleased with this product. The clean and simple design make it nearly invisible, and organizes all my coffee supplies neatly in a convent place. The cost is reasonable and material adequate for small items, but the best thing is how it declutters the countertop. I recommend this item without reservation." β€”Frances I Pizzulo

    Price: $22.22+ (available in two shapes)

    2. An over-the-cabinet door organizer for various items like cutting boards, wax paper, and aluminum foil. It can also be mounted to a wall if that's more your style.


    You could also use this basket as a garbage receptacle. All necessary hardware is included!

    Promising review: "I hung this over one of the doors beneath my sink, and it is very handy. It is large and holds all my aluminum foil, handy wrap, wax paper, etc. I was afraid it would interfere with the magnetic cabinet locks I was installing to thwart my toddler grandson, but it did not. Much better product than I could find in any brick and mortar store." β€”Linda Cawthon

    Price: $19.99

    3. A plastic bag holder so you can finally become a civilized human being and stop storing random plastic bags within other plastic bags under your sink. Yes, we do it too.


    Promising review: "This is a great product, I really love it! Exactly what I was looking for and needed to keep my bags in a much nicer way and more accessible to us. We used to store extra bags in a bag hanging on the handle of the door β€” that always irritated me. So when I saw this way to store my bags, I was very excited. The product is a nice heavyweight wire that does not look cheap and doesn't move while hanging on the cabinet door due to the foam backing on the hangers." β€”Fur Kid Mom

    Price: $13.99 (available in eight finishes)

    4. A set of OXO airtight containers, because nothing stays fresh in its original packaging nowadays. The circular center pop-up button creates a vacuum-like seal.


    Promising review: "This is the second set of OXO Pop containers that I have purchased. I bought the really big set a while ago and was hooked. No longer will my white rice/grains/rolled oats/grits go wormy, my cat's kibble is stored in a clear container so I can see when it's running low. I love these containers. They are lightweight enough so there's no strain on the wrists, yet heavy enough they don't tip over easily. The lids are easy to clean, and you could apply labels to distinguish between flours and sugars. They are expensive, but I believe you get what you pay for β€” quality costs extra money. If I need another set in the future, I will buy it." β€”Judith A Loue

    Price: $37.10+ (available as a three- or five-piece set)

    5. A baker's rack or microwave cart for additional vertical storage to free up your counter space. Both feature a wood cutting board and space for hanging pots, pants, and utensils.


    The baker's rack is stationary, but the microwave cart has wheels for easy transport around your kitchen.

    Promising reviews: "This cart is great! It is compact, but fits many items, freeing my counters and cabinets. It is very sturdy and strong, and moves smoothly in its caster wheels. It's so easy to put together too! It took me about 10 minutes." β€”Gab

    "I LOVE this rack. I live in an apartment with no counter space and I'm a big cook and baker. I bought this for the wooden cutting board and for the storage underneath; I couldn't be happier! I put a rack for frying pans on the bottom shelf and hung a pot lid rack off the side. This has freed up loads of room and I can easily sort through all my pots and pans. The cutting board is the perfect height for me as well. It lifts out for easy cleaning also! It only took me about 20 minutes to put together and it's remarkably sturdy. This is a great purchase if you're low on storage or counter space in a small kitchen." β€”Amazon Customer

    Price: $59.99 (baker's rack) and $68.10 (microwave cart)

    6. A K-cup holder that'll fit up to 40 cups and has drawers that lower to eye-level so you can easily see your collection while trying to make coffee in the morning.


    Promising review: "This K-cup organizes them wonderfully. The drawers slide out easily and flip down so it's easy to see the cups. I have it sitting in a cabinet that is above eye level, so it's nice to be able to lower each level so I can choose a variety of K-cups without having to get a stepladder! I read about previous buyers having problems with the drawers sticking, but this issue must have been resolved because I have a variety of K-cups from multiple companies and have absolutely no problems with the drawers. It works perfectly and is a great way to organize! I use different drawers for different items (coffee, tea, hot chocolate), so it's easy to pull out the right drawer for the item I'm looking for!" β€”Kindle Customer

    Price: $24.99

    7. A tea bag organizer with 12 removable bins so you can rid of all those boxes that take up so much room in your cabinet. This single organizer holds over 100 tea bags!!


    Promising review: "Do I really need a tea bag organizer? That's what I was thinking when I ordered this. And when I took it out of the box. And when I filled the first little bag holder. But as the pile of empty boxes grew larger, I knew the answer was yes, I do need a tea bag organizer. I was using a whole shelf and a half of jumbled tea boxes, which I had to sift through to look for a specific tea. In the end, I think this held about eight or nine boxes of tea bags (I crammed some of them). I am so happy that I got this!" β€”Sarah C.

    Price: $24.99

    8. A magnetic strip to hold knives and kitchen tools that are probably crammed in a drawer right now. This strip will make them easily accessible while cooking.

    Don't worry about things dropping β€” this magnetic strip is very strong and holds from end to end.

    Promising review: "I used to have an ugly knife block that took up too much room, so I decided to get a magnetic knife strip. I've read that the cheaper metal ones scratch and dull knives, so I went with a wooden one. This company offers different types (colors) of wood to match your decor. Included were screws and drywall anchors. It even smelled good out of the package. It took me all of 15 minutes to install (I have a drill and a torpedo level). Really easy and straightforward installation. The strip itself holds my knives very securely and frees up a bunch of counter space that my old knife block used to take up. The strip works extremely well throughout the length of the product." β€”Thomas

    Price: $35.95+ (available in 13 lengths (including custom) and 10 wood types)

    9. A mounted rack for pots and pans, because trying to stack them in a cabinet is literally impossible. Plus, the S-hooks are included!


    All mounting materials are included, plus instructions!

    Promising review: "Nothing but excellent remarks from me! This pot rack fits perfectly on a narrow wall, allows more storage in cabinets for smaller appliances, blends in with my kitchen decor, and was a simple DIY install for my husband using a few wall anchors for additional leverage. So happy my kitchen now has more character!!" β€”R&J

    Price: $35.99+ (available in two finishes)

    10. A sponge and brush holder so each can properly dry after use. With three suction cups, this holder won't budge.


    Promising review: "After looking at over a dozen other in-sink caddies that did nothing but hold a sponge in them, I finally found this one that holds a brush and a sponge. It seems like a trivial thing but really makes a huge difference in convenience and a reduction in the general clutter of my sink. Easily and securely attaches to the sink side and does exactly what it's made for. The caddie is sturdy and should last a long time." β€”DSLATER289

    Price: $5.14+ (available in two finishes)

    11. A spice shelf that'll hold up to 40 pounds, transforming your current collection so you can actually find what you're searching for. No more fumbling mid-recipe!


    The shelves are stackable and come with different sized legs for short or tall spice bottles.

    Promising review: "Product is perfect for what I need it to do. Fits just right, is more than sturdy enough, and has made my absolutely nightmarish spice cabinet look awesome. No more duplicate spices going bad in the back of the cabinet! It’s not at all difficult to assemble. Watch the assembly videos (they’re short) before you start opening the parts bags. Otherwise it’s easy to get intimidated by all of the extra pieces." β€”Congaree

    Price: $27.99 (for two shelves)

    12. Or a pull-down spice rack to get everything within arm's reach and make use of vertical space within your cabinet.


    Promising review: "Excellent product. I bought two of these shelves to help me organize cabinets in our camper. We have two cabinets in the kitchen area that are very high and not accessible to a person that is 5'3". These two shelves helped organize the cabinets and the pull-down feature gives me accessibility to the spices. They really hold a lot and work great. These shelves allow me to use space that I couldn't use before. It makes cooking a joy." β€”Brenda Williams

    Price: $17.49+ (available in three colors)

    13. A 14-inch tip out tray so you can actually make use of those faux drawers below your sink.


    Heads up β€” installation can be difficult in yours don't open very wide.

    Promising review: "Love this! No more clutter of sponges and stoppers around the sink. We installed these when swapping out the sink. Installation with no sink in place is a breeze; otherwise I can see how it might be tricky. The hinges work well. They were a little stiff at first but loosened up in a day or two. They still close with a little 'snap,' which one time jettisoned the sponge into the under-sink cabinet β€” now I know where to look if it ever goes missing again. The trays can be slid off their mounting screws and rinsed out when they get a little dirty from storing the cleaning supplies." β€”Lisa

    Price: $17.55+ (available in 11-inch and 14-inch lengths)

    14. Stackable shelves for your cabinets, countertop, or even refrigerator and freezer. They can be stacked on top of each other or side by side.


    Promising review: "I used the smaller shelf in my refrigerator and the larger one in my freezer to help maximize space for the containers. I'm really happy with the way they turned out. The shelf comes with some assembly required. Once assembled, they felt sturdy and ready for use. They are holding everything very well. I'm not sure I would think to put a significant amount of weight on these shelves, but plates, coffee mugs, even filled mason jars and frozen food are fine on these. I can see many uses in my house for these little shelves β€” kitchen, pantry, bathroom, craft room. Use these anywhere you want to maximize the vertical space on an existing shelf. These really are a great little shelf!" β€”GamerGurlAZ

    Price: $15.87 (available in two finishes)

    15. A three-tier hanging fruit basket to corral all the fruit you recently bought at the farmer's market and now have to eat before it spoils.


    You can unclip the baskets if you want them on your countertop, plus you can adjust the chain length if it's too long.

    Promising review: "This basket is perfect for hanging all my produce and the occasional granola bars! The basket hangs straight and if it doesn't just adjust the little metal clips on the side, sometimes they have a mind of their own. I purchased this over a year ago and it still hasn't rusted or had any issues with durability! Make sure you hang the hook from a strong part of your ceiling; I haven't had any issues with this, but a few reviewers mentioned they had some problems with the basket falling. This basket works wonderfully for me and It looks just like it did the day I purchased it. I love the metal industrial look of it too!" β€”Wells Family

    Price: $13.97

    16. A modular, 12-bottle wood wine rack that can be added to over time and configured to your needs.


    Promising review: "This was the perfect solution for our cabinet where we wanted to place a wine rack. We couldn't find prebuilt racks that would fit the space, so this was a great option since it's customizable. We also stained the wood to match our furniture, but you can leave it natural. Assembly is mostly easy, but it does take a bit more effort if you want it perfect. To drive the pegs in, you can use a mallet or hammer." β€”parcpalc

    Price: $40+ (also available in 24-bottles or 40-bottles and two colors)

    17. Airtight cereal dispensers with circular pop-open holes for easy pouring. When they need cleaning, just stick them in the dishwasher!


    Promising review: "This is a great product. It is well-built. The material is sturdy. We use it to keep ants out of our pantry because ants run rampant in our neighborhood. So far there haven't been any ants. The lid opens easily and seals shut well. Also, a regular box of cereal will easily fit into these containers." β€”Veera

    Price: $19.99 (for two containers)

    18. A bakeware rack to provide a home for all your tins and pans that are currently residing in your oven. Seven dividers are included, but are totally adjustable based upon your needs.


    Promising review: "I love this thing. I was able to store my all my bakeware and cutting boards. I was pleasantly surprised to have more then enough space to add my kids' trays and square plates. I used to have a lot of these items stacked on top of each other, which was bulky. This thing is such a time saver and it looks nice on the eyes. I placed this in an upper shelf so I don't have to bend over to get the things I need." β€”J.R.

    Price: $17.99

    19. A slim four-tier rolling rack that'll fit in otherwise useless narrow spaces. Like that tiny opening between your fridge and counters, or your fridge and the wall.


    Promising review: "When I moved into an apartment I found myself with a small kitchen, not enough storage for my cooking needs. This cart arrived quickly, was easy to assemble, and had locking wheels so it does not roll. It holds large bottles on the bottom (oils, liquor), smaller bottles on the next shelf up (vinegar, sweeteners), and lots of storage containers towards the top. I like that the shelves are like baskets with a little lip so everything is contained and cannot just slide off when I reach for something in the back. It has totally exceeded my expectations and proves itself handy every day!" β€”OTtraveller

    Price: $25.98+ (available as a five-tier)

    20. An expandable shelf to organize that black hole under your sink where things just pile up with zero order. This is a great solution for cleaning supplies!


    Promising review: "As a professional organizer, I have purchased this item several times to solve the problem of many clients' under-the-sink organizing dilemmas. It's easy to assemble, made of sturdy material, and shelves can be adjusted to clear the plumbing. It solves 95% of the situations people face when trying to better organize the space under their sink. It works the best for bathrooms where clients can add plastic bins or baskets to corral their many personal hygiene products when bathroom vanity drawers are not an option." β€”Susan Rupe

    Price: $21.98 (available in two finishes)

    21. Nesting storage containers so you don't waste space when they're not in use. The lids will lock down for airtight and leak-proof storage.


    They're also freezer-, dishwasher- and microwave-safe!

    Promising review: "Very nice set of containers. Thick and durable, I think these will last a long time. Everything nestles together, saving room, and there is a color dot on the bottom of the container that corresponds with the lid color. I'm very happy with this set. Highly recommend!" β€”Julie Ann

    Price: $19.55+ (for a 6-piece set, also available in an 8-piece, 10-piece, or 12-piece set)

    22. A paper towel holder with a built-in shelf for kitchen essentials like dish soap, olive oil and vinegar, and spices. It'll mount to the wall via two screws.


    You could even use it for toilet paper in your bathroom.

    Promising review: "I love it. I live in an apartment so there isn’t a lot of space to work with around the sink. This helps a lot!! It’s super sturdy and although you might need two people to hang it, it still works great!! I needed help because the wall I wanted it on was really hard, but it should be easy to install otherwise. It looks great and the paper towel roll doesn’t fall off even if you pull a piece out. It works great!" β€”Maria Jimenez

    Price: $17.83

    23. A mop and broom holder to bring order to your cleaning supplies cabinet, because leaning mops and brooms together creates insane clutter. This holder also has six hooks for rags and towels.


    Promising review: "I have a small apartment and the broom closet was always a mess with the brooms hitting me in the face whenever I took the trash out. This saved me so much stress! The slots have little rollers and they move to fit just about any size mop or broom. There are also little hooks that can drop down if you want to hold towels or the dust pan, which is what I use it for. This is a must-have organizational tool!" β€”Jacqui Nibbelin

    Price: $11.99 (available in two sizes)

    24. A bamboo expandable cutlery drawer that'll finally organize the lump of forks, knives, and spoons you have sitting in a drawer. This one comes with cushioned pads so the organizer won't slide around or clunk against the inside of your drawer when opening.


    Promising review: "I love this organizer. It’s pretty, durable, and has a very nice finish. It fit perfectly in my kitchen drawer and spans the entire length thanks to the expandable ends. I can’t think of anything that I dislike at the moment. I’m pleased!" β€”Jenny Hale

    Price: $23.97

    25. A rolling, 50-pound pet food container to keep your pooch's food fresh and away from their pesky paws.


    Promising review: "I have several different sizes of these containers and they are great. I've filled them full of food and rolled them around, accidentally knocked them over, etc., and not one of them has fallen apart. I really like that they have wheels, which means I don't have to lug heavy bags of dog food around the house. Sometimes I even roll them to the back of my SUV and unload the food right into the cart and wheel it into the house. They're easy to move to clean around, too." β€”NV

    Price: $24.22

    26. A mug tree, because we all know how easy it is to collect mugs and then wind up with about 30 sitting in a cabinet untouched. This holder will store up to six mugs so you always have one on-hand for your morning brew.


    Promising review: "I read a LOT of reviews on various mug trees before deciding on this one. It's just what I wanted: sturdy, nicely made, great finish, and looks great without taking up too much space. If needed, it would even fit under my kitchen cabinets (but I like having it on the outside edge of the countertop). VERY useful and it looks great; the picture doesn't do it justice. Love it; highly recommended for its quality AND the terrific price. Very happy! PS: I added stick-on felt pads to the bottom of each foot. Keeps it quiet and protects my countertop." β€”OK

    Price: $10.95+ (available as a four-mug tree and in three finishes)

    27. A cabinet to attach to the side of your door for increased space. It'll integrate into the door's hinges so it can swing open and closed.


    Think of it like an added pantry!

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this cabinet! Our pantry is small so I had spices, oils, and other condiments in our kitchen cabinets. This cabinet allowed me enough room to store all of that, which emptied two of our smaller cabinets for pots and pans. Not only did it give me two extra cabinets to use in my kitchen, but I also have much better access and visibility to spices and other things." β€”BJ

    Price: $159.99+ (available with a mirror or for wine storage and in two colors)

    Looking at your newly stocked and organized kitchen like:

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