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    30 Gifts Any College Student Will Really, Really Appreciate

    Other than a lifetime supply of ramen.

    1. A laptop case with a handle so they can easily transport that precious piece of cargo around campus. It's lightweight enough to carry solo or slip into a backpack for class.

    2. A map pint glass so they can stare at their beloved town or city while cheers-ing to their amazing college experience. The colors also reflect the colors of their home team, so overall it's a great nostalgia gift.

    3. An "Ok boomer" zipper pouch for their pencils, pens, and highlighters so they'll always have the necessary materials for class prepped and ready to go. Keeping a pouch of useful items in their backpack is probably the most adult thing they can do right now.

    4. A pair of fuzzy socks that'll provide a bit of comfort when they're feeling a little homesick. They're the perfect thing to pad around in when they're rocking sweats and dirty hair.

    5. A set of charcoal face masks so they can enjoy a spa day without doling out a ton of cash they definitely don't have at the moment. These contain a blend of collagen and hyaluronic acid to restore their skin's hydration and help rid of toxins and dirt.

    6. A Harry Potter–themed stress relief squishy for those moments when they think about their student loans. It's the perfect thing to relieve some tension and help with fidgeting.

    7. A USB-powered cooling pad to keep their laptop from reaching soaringly high temps while writing that last-minute paper. Plus the cooling pad has three ultra-quiet fans that won't make a ton of noise while in use.

    8. A rotating makeup caddy that'll make their morning routine 10x more efficient. Now they'll actually be on time to class.

    9. A life hacks calendar so they can get through each school year relatively unscathed. The calendar comes with super handy DIY tips, solutions to common problems, and general advice and tips to successfully complete ordinary tasks.

    10. A Dagne Dover duffle bag for weekend trips where they'll need to only pack a few key items. The bag is neoprene, so it's super durable and waterproof. AKA, every college kid's dream.

    11. 250 Best Meals in a Mug, a cookbook all about meals to make in a microwave because let's be real, they may not even own a bowl. And they'll probably only have access to a microwave in their dorm. Time to get creative!

    12. A cotton laundry basket to oh-so subtly remind them that they *need* to do laundry or wind up, well, naked. It's strong, so yes, they'll be able to pile clothes in without it breaking on them mid-trip to the laundry room.

    13. A set of stemless wine glasses they can firmly grasp while watching numerous old-school Disney movies on Disney+. Whether they're drinking red or white will be up to them (psssst – these glasses can hold up to 15 ounces).

    14. A to-do notepad that'll keep them on track when it comes to errands, chores, and emails. Now they won't forget to send in that paper.

    15. Or maybe a waterproof notepad to keep in the shower for those genius ideas that seem to only come while shampooing their hair. They keep forgetting to add milk to their grocery list? This will solve that.

    16. A Homesick candle to remind them of the scent of their hometown. When they're feeling a bit of fomo at night, they can light this candle and be transported to the streets of their most beloved city.

    17. Or! A custom city ring if they're far from family and are feeling a bit lonely. This custom piece will supply a bit of home comfort as they're typing away on their laptop to finish that presentation before their 10 a.m. class.

    18. A set of beaker shot glasses any science major will absolutely want to cook up some memorable nights with. Each one can hold one ounce of whatever their favorite...concoction is.

    19. A PhoneSoap UV smartphone sanitizer that'll keep their phone germ-free, because we all know how icky offices can get. This device can kill up to 99.99% of bacteria, features a USB and USB-C port, and can accommodate all smartphones including larger models like the iPhone plus and the Galaxy S10+.

    20. A Michael Scott poster to hang in their dorm room so they are constantly reminded that they are Beyoncé, always. Consider it the perfect motivational tool.

    21. A popcorn popper that'll make them theater-level popcorn in just four minutes AND is super easy to store in their less-than-deal dorm room. Nothing will keep them going during their afternoon lecture like some freshly-popped popcorn.

    22. A pair of blue light–blocking glasses for reducing digital eye strain since they'll be using their laptops every darn day. The glasses can leave their eyes feeling less dry and tired by filtering out short wavelength blue light emitted by screens.

    23. A National Geographic travel guide for their study abroad trip so they can hit as many countries as humanly possible. Nothing like a little wanderlust to get their trip going! They'll be able to discover new locations and places to visit before they even step on the plane.

    24. An insulated Hydro Flask stainless steel bottle that'll keep their coffee hot for 12 hours while they marathon all the season of Queer Eye. It's BPA-free, incredibly durable, and spill-proof (AKA they can throw it in their bag and never worry).

    25. A Makeup Eraser cloth to remove everything with only the use of water. It'll make their nighttime routine oh-so simple. Which is great, because by the time they get home from a night out, they're always sleepy and never want to stand in font of a mirror wiping off makeup.

    26. A desk organizer set so their workspace will be clear of clutter for a productive paradise. The first step to getting their work done on-time so making sure the space around them is organized and clean.

    27. A Porter to-go bowl that'll come in handy when they're on-the-go and need to eat in the library right before class. Or a veggie and fruit to-go cup, because they probably never have enough time to sit down and eat a calm breakfast.

    28. A Cuisinart induction cooktop since they most likely will not have access to a kitchen full-time. This way they can whip up some easy meals in the comfort of their own dorm room.

    29. A jade roller for their face that can be massaged in upward and outward motions to help decrease puffiness around their eyes and improve dark circles — leading to an overall brighter complexion. They don't get much sleep, so every little thing that helps is worth it!

    30. And! Speaking of sleep...a contoured 3D eye mask that won't put pressure on theirs eyes as they sleep. With an adjustable head strap and deep pockets, no amount of light will sneak through...even when their roommate annoyingly turns on the overhead light at 2 a.m.

    And remember to always work hard, play hard!

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