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    Just 28 Totally Awesome Things To Add To Your Shopping Cart

    Trust me, it's worth it.

    1. Acrylic dangling earrings you can rock when you don't have enough time in your schedule to get an actual manicure. At least your ears will be primped and ready for their close up.

    2. A pool volleyball float that'll become the hit of every party this summer. You'll receive an inflatable volleyball, too! Plus, the poles are grommeted so you can attach weights if you feel like it's shifting around too much during game time.

    3. A magnet to decorate your fridge with (that may also provide some nostalgic feels). You can tack up to-do lists, photos, and postcards!

    4. An ultrasonic aroma diffuser that'll disperse your favorite scent around your bedroom every night before you get into bed. The soft LED light provides a soothing nightlight and with a three-hour run time, you can fall asleep without the fear of it staying on all night.

    5. A reusable grocery bag to replace the plastic bags in your life. It's so darn cute, you just might end up using it all the time, groceries included or not.

    6. And a lightweight T-shirt entirely dedicated to cheese, because that's most likely what you're spending most of your grocery money on. And no one would blame you.

    7. A Dundie award any true Office fan will appreciate on their desk. You can customize the engraving before check out!

    8. A dumpster fire enamel pin, because nothing sums up life sometimes quite like a dumpster on fire. You can add it to your jean jacket or a backpack for a nice decorative touch.

    9. A mini wireless desk fan that'll become oh-so handy this summer during mornings of sweltering heat. We've all experienced getting to work literally drenched in sweat.

    10. Beer foaming stones to give canned and bottled brews a bubble boost. The added carbonation enhances your beer's flavor and aroma, while reducing acidity.

    11. Cheetah print block heels you can pair with any outfit for a splash of pattern. The low heel height means you'll be able to wear them for hours without getting achy feet.

    12. A sloth pillow that'll make your bed look way more inviting by the end of a long day. There's nothing like curling up with your favorite furry friend before dozing off to sleep.

    13. Personalized pet socks so you can always keep your beloved pet close to your...feet. They'll make a sweet gift for the animal lover in your life who can't bear to be away from their best friend.

    14. A Dough yearly membership that'll send you a monthly goodie box of amazing products all from women-owned companies. You'll be able to discover new and interesting items you may have never heard of before and learn about the women behind the companies.

    15. Wireless Anker earbuds for anyone who isn't a big fan of the price of AirPods. They have excellent sound quality, are comfortable in your ears, and are about half the price.

    16. A set of six ceramic geometric containers ideal for succulents, faux plants, or air plants. They can be mounted to the wall in a unique pattern, individually, or mixed with other decor pieces like frames and wall hangings.

    17. A Novogratz three-piece rocker set you can keep on a patio, deck, or poolside. Built from durable, weather-resistant steel, it's safe to leave out all summer long.

    18. A watermelon slicer so you can achieve perfectly cut cubes in mere minutes. It'll come in handy during your next backyard BBQ when your guests are craving a refreshing fruit salad.

    19. A dip clip to tuck into your car's air vent so you always have a place to keep your sauce when on-the-go. It'll fit virtually every type of dipping sauce, so you'll be able to safely snack as you go.

    20. A pair of round sunglasses that'll elevate your style game. There's no better way to upgrade an outfit than to accessorize well.

    21. Gluten-free, paleo pizza pockets so you'll always have something to eat even when you forget to go food shopping. They're also lactose-free, so they're great for anyone who has to pass on regular pizza because of a lactose intolerance.

    22. A X-ring to wear on any finger (not just your engagement ring finger). Since it can take up some major real estate, don't worry about layering it with another ring.

    23. An ultimate apron with tons of cool and useful features built-in, like convenient pot holders, a conversion chart, and a top pocket for glasses. It'll become your handiest kitchen assistant.

    24. A floral maxi, because nothing screams summertime like a loose yet chic maxi dress. It'll drape comfortably, so even if you're standing in hot temps for a long time, you won't feel like you've got sweat dripping down your back.

    25. A set of sandwich and snack bags with zipper closures and a fully lined inside (to help with spills). They're moisture-resistant, grease-proof, and dishwasher-safe!

    26. Adorable jute baskets so you can get extra space without having to sacrifice style. The colors and patterns are so cute — you won't mind leaving them out.

    27. Belief's Aqua Bomb moisturizer to keep your skin silky smooth and free of dry patches. It's super effective and can provide hydration up to 26 hours. It's also incredibly lightweight so it can be applied under makeup with zero greasiness or residue.

    28. A cosmetic bag with adjustable compartments to make sure you're never running late due to a lost mascara or eyeliner pencil. Everything you own will fit into this convenient bag, ensuring your morning routine always goes smoothly — no matter how many times you hit snooze.

    *Looks directly at shopping cart*

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