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    • alexandrac15

      While it may seem like an obvious statement, my therapist taught me that if someone is absuive to you that is part of your family it is more than acceptable to cut them out of your life if that person continues to cause you unnecessary pain. She said “blood may be thicker than water, but that doesn’t give someone who you so happen to share genes with a free pass to continue causing you harm without consequences.” Once I accepted this fact, I did cut that incredibly harmful family member out of my life and things couldn’t be better. :)

    • alexandrac15

      I have used oral contraceptives in the past, but I am currently using the Mirena IUD. I had to start taking oral contraceptives when I was 15 because my period was not only extremely heavy (with lots of blood clots), but it would last longer than normal. On average, my period during this time would be 2.5 weeks and included all the symptoms associated with it - cramps, headaches, mood changes. It was terrible! It really impacted my life with me at one point having a month-long period and then another instance I bled through my clothes while I was out to eat with my family. When I finally got a chance to see my doctor and run some tests she diagnosed me with polycystic ovary syndrome. She said the only way to correct my symptoms was birth control. Once I started using it, I had normal periods and it even alleviated some of the harsh PMS symptoms I normally experienced in the past. I became anemic due to my condition and after taking birth control that reversed as well. I need birth control for my health as well as my sexual safety so it really pains me to hear that some people want to make it that much more inaccessible because they’re too ignorant to do a simple google search to understand the many helpful effects birth control has.

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