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    All Hail The Mighty Croqueta, King Of Snacks

    I'll take 1,002 croquetas, if you please.

    These little breaded cylinders of fried deliciousness are, basically, THE PERFECT FOOD.

    Instagram: @coulantroux

    ^^^^^^^^ Look at those beauties. ^^^^^^^^

    I mean. JUST LOOK AT THEM!

    Víctor Muñoz /

    *Homer Simpson gurgle*

    There are several varieties! You can enjoy croquetas made with chicken...


    ...or go with classic ham croquetas! Just look at that ham a-sizzlin,' waiting to be a croquetica.

    Cocina con Carmen /

    If only all ham could be so lucky! Some people like croquetas made with tuna or cod or, gosh, even vegan versions, if that's your thing.

    Either way, they MUST be fried to a beautiful golden-brown.

    Alberto Chicote /

    Here's a video recipe in Spanish if you'd like to make them at home!

    You can just eat ‘em on their own, by the plateful...

    Instagram: @partybasics

    Or platterful, even. a “preparada,” with Cuban bread, roast pork, and ham…

    Instagram: @marilali28

    No other sandwich can compete. Sorry, other sandwiches. Y'all tried!

    ...or, hell, put 'em on a pizza!

    Instagram: @hipthrustsandhighheels

    We get only one life, boo boo. Let's make it the best possible.

    They're a classic party food!

    Andrew Giambarba / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: ioamiami

    So serve them next time you have friends over. Make sure you have other favorites like papa rellena and a variety of pastelitos around, too. #ProTip from me to you.

    They're an easy snack to eat on the go, too.

    Recetas Monsieur Cuisine /

    Highly portable little nuggets of goodness.

    ...ESPECIALLY with Cuban coffee or an ice-cold can of pineapple soda!

    Instagram: @yany_luv

    Welcome to your next snack break.

    They even inspired a truly, uh, remarkable song and music video:

    DerickCrazyDaze's channel /

    Just watch. While eating croquetas in a bathing suit, obviously.

    So go ahead and wear your love for croquetas loudly and proudly.

    And share 'em with the ones you love.

    😘 (Like me. Share them with me.)

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