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    Posted on Nov 20, 2014

    13 Charts That Perfectly Describe Living In Florida

    That's not a dog; that's a mosquito.

    1. Seasons

    And by "not rainy," I mean "slightly less rainy."

    2. "Florida Man" jokes


    "Did you hear about the guy who rode a gator into a combination Taco Bell/Pizza Hut?" Yes. Seven times today.

    3. Humidity

    The more you try, the harder nature laughs.

    4. Death

    Via / / /

    Florida is the Australia of the United States.

    5. Farm Stores

    Powdered donuts 4ever.

    6. Manatees


    Manatees are made of love.

    7. Flip-flops

    Via / /

    Hmm. Should I wear my flip-flops... or my flip-flops?

    8. Disney World


    It's a tipsy world after all.

    9. Publix

    See also: FREE COOKIES.

    10. Miami

    But, like. Literally.

    11. Lizards

    Via /

    They're watching you.

    12. The Conch Republic



    13. Home

    Home is where the heart is. Because that's where Publix is.

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