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    Aug 5, 2015

    27 Times The "Growing Up Latino" Hashtag Described Your Life

    Did our grandmas all buy their fridge magnets at the same place?!

    1. Your mom was a big fan of reminding you that she wasn't running a restaurant:

    My brother just asked my mom "what did you cook?" And she said "comida." Good to know some things never change. #growingUpLatino

    2. You gained roughly 172 pounds at every meal:

    If I know anything about #growinguplatino it's that my grandma fed me like I was a pig she was tryna get a blue ribbon for

    3. Frog butts could do wonders when you were in pain:

    4. Your parents were all about that stealth terror:

    When your parents look like they're kissing you on the cheek but they're really whispering threats in your ear to behave #GrowingUpLatino

    5. You know there's nothing more fabulous than the scent of Fabuloso:

    #GrowingUpLatino your house always smelling like this cleaning product

    6. Committing to a quinces meant having no life for months:

    When your friends ask to hang out and you like "sorry i can't I have 15 practice" #GrowingUpLatino

    7. You know that the answer is "C:"

    #GrowingUpLatino What's in this sink? A. A fork B. An eating utensil C. All these damn dishes

    8. A small family gathering generally lasted 48 hours:

    #growinguplatino having family come over for lunch and it's 4 in the morning and they're still there and ain't leaving anytime soon

    9. Privacy was a nice idea you read about in story books:

    When your mom has an entire conversation w/ you from outside the bathroom door. #growinguplatino

    10. You grew up with so many "teachable moments":

    Having to reteach 8th Grade World History to explain to someone why Hispanic isn't a race and why you don't "look Spanish" #GrowingUpLatino

    11. You wondered wtf these dolls were silently plotting:

    #GrowingUpLatino "Mommy, why don't these dolls have faces?"


    When you looking for butter and there's sofrito where the butter goes #GrowingUpLatino

    13. You basically had your ears pierced and your umbilical cord cut at the same time:

    #GrowingUpLatino not remembering a time when you didn't have pierced ears.

    14. You feared La Chancla:

    #GrowingUpLatino la chancleta was a weapon

    15. You found yourself having to explain different terms over and over:

    #GrowingUpLatino "are you Spanish? Can you speak Mexican?"

    16. Doesn't matter where your family is from, your surrogate abuelo was a Chilean man in a suit:

    #GrowingUpLatino meant every Saturday night at 8PM you were at home watching sábado gigante. #ElChacal 🎺

    17. Being late means being on time:

    #GrowingUpLatino no one is ever on time so you have to lie about the time so everyone is actually on time 😂

    18. In fact, time was an illusion:

    #GrowingUpLatino #LatinoProblems @LatinoKidProbs

    19. Nicknames were the norm, and everyone had at least three:

    #GrowingUpLatino knowing that ur aunt's name is Maria Luisa Fernanda Carlota but u gotta call her Mumu

    20. Even if you don't speak Spanish, you're fluent in Spanish:

    #GrowingUpHispanic #GrowingUpLatino

    21. And you know that whatever Sprite couldn't heal...

    #GrowingUpLatino Sprite or 7-Up will fix all stomach ailments

    22. ...Could be cured with "Vaporu."

    #GrowingUpLatino Only thing in the first aid kit.

    23. You were very invested in the lives of singing high schoolers with perfect hair:

    #growinguplatino before high school musical we had Rebelde

    24. You know that babies and old ladies are meant to smell like talco and violetas:

    #GrowingUpLatino means getting doused with this before church

    25. Cleaning music and party music were one and the same:

    #GrowingUpLatino hearing music play at 7 am you knew they were gonna clean the whole day.

    26. Your Oprah was named Cristina and her bangs were always on point:

    27. Finally, you feel this on a spiritual level and don't even know why:

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