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16 Reasons It's Actually Better To Be Messy

A mess, but like. A hot one.

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1. A good way to keep your family out of your room is to make it too messy for them to physically enter.

Your parents or roommates might be horrified, but YOU'VE WON so who cares.

2. Why go though the trouble of hunting through drawers when you have THE CHAIR? So much easier.

We all have that chair.

3. Neat people think being messy makes it harder to move around, but we know messes are conveniently portable.

It's a modern mess on the go!

4. And, often enough, what looks like chaos to others is actually a controlled mess. You know where everything is! And it's all right within your grasp!

My wallet is under that dress I need to return, right to the left of the 16 books I've been meaning to read.


10. A messy car? Nah. A convenient closet on wheels.

Anyone need shoes? Something to read? 1,142 bottles of water?