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17 Ways You're Definitely The Abuela Of Your Friend Group

Viejita swag.

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1. When your friends get sick, you have at least 782 foolproof remedies.

Do a chant, drink some honey with a squeeze of lime, and never go to bed with your hair wet. You'll be fine!

2. ...And this definitely includes vapor rub, for basically ANYTHING.




Ponte Vicks, my friend.

3. Your bag fits everything anyone could ever need and is also off limits to everyone.

Touch the purse if you want to die.

4. Actually, 87% of your purse's contents are these mysterious candies, just in case your friends need one.

They just sort of materialize in your purse and in doctors' offices.


6. You also know just how to protect your friends against creeps online.


7. You never think your friends are eating enough.

8. ...So when you cook for them, you make enough to feed an army.

Hm, 1,897.6 tons of arroz con pollo should be enough for a light lunch.


9. ...And top everything with an egg.


10. You're constantly worried about whether your friends make it home OK.

It's not stalking if it's out of worry.


14. You smell like some combination of violets and talcum powder.

Talco everywhere!

15. You can tell when cold weather is coming, and warn your friends to wear a sweater.

Spoiler: You ALWAYS think it's going to be cold.

17. And, finally, gotta watch your stories, even if your friends just don't get them.

What's there NOT to get about William Levy, tbh?