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Pepi The Chihuahua Is Instagram's Hottest Supermodel

Hello, Pepi!

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2. He is a serious thespian and model, tirelessly dedicated to his craft.

3. Perhaps you've seen one of his many magazine covers...

4. ... Or maybe you've caught him acting on one of your favorite soap operas.

5. It's not easy being a top model.

6. ... But Pepi handles it as best he can.

7. Well. Most of the time, anyway.

8. He has many signature looks. From avant garde...

9. ... To feminine. (Pepito cares not for gender roles.)

11. ... To executive bad boy realness.

12. Sure, sometimes Pepi can overindulge.

13. Particularly when he's got his party clothes on.

14. It's not Pepi's fault that he's grown accustomed to the finer things in life. He's a celebrity!

15. And being a fashion icon is tough work!

16. You try looking this good in horizontal stripes!

17. And, sure, it can be lonely at the top! Finding love can be tough when you're a world-famous model/actor/Instagram star.

18. Pepi gave dating a shot, but it didn't go very well.

19. Sometimes he feels a little fragile, but that's OK.

20. He just channels it all into his modeling work.

21. Stay beautiful, Pepito.

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