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21 Times Jeff Goldblum Looked Ridiculously Good

Thirst always finds a way.

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1. That time he was coming right for you, all slinky and sauntery-like.

Vestron Pictures / Via

Those eyes. That hair. That slink.

2. That time he purred.

IFC / Via

By the way, how many men do you know who can rock a bow tie and pink jacket? The answer is NONE because you don't know Jeff Goldblum.

3. That time his wig touched the heavens while he played piano in a hot tub.


~*Just Jeff Goldblum Things*~

4. That time he came up with lyrics to the Jurassic Park theme.

NBC / Via

The smooth, smooth crooning of Jeff Goldblum. Feels so right.

5. That time he realized what we've all known for so long.


I want to live in his hair.

6. That time he blew a kiss while dressed in blue, because he is on point and thematic like that.

NBC / Via

He loves us, guys. He loves us!

7. That time he looked so thoughtful and serious and his hair was really tall.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Tall hair don't care.

8. That time he refused to believe you weren't a thirsty mess right now.

Universal Pictures / Via

Can't breathe.

9. That time he sgwghgirghfijdgrgij.

To be a bead of sweat upon his chest as he poses seductively despite the imminent threat of a dinosaur attack!
Universal Pictures / Via

To be a bead of sweat upon his chest as he poses seductively despite the imminent threat of a dinosaur attack!

OK, stop. Pause. Reflect.

From Chaos by John Larriva / Via

All right. Let's continue.

10. That time he puffed on a cigar and it was almost too much to take.

20th Century Fox / Via

I need to go outside for a bit.

11. The time he laughed thinking about how much better he looks in glasses and a mustard tie than anyone else.

CBS / Via

Oh, how he laughed!

12. That time he wore a necklace from the PacSun clearance rack and we weren't even mad.

20th Century Fox / Via

That eyebrow raise. [praise hands emoji]

13. That time he gave us the most iconic line delivery in cinematic history.

Universal Pictures / Via

(Wait for it...)


Universal Pictures / Via

So satisfying.

15. That time you wondered whether Laura Dern ever washed that hand again.

Universal Pictures / Via

It's been Goldblum'ed.

16. That time you wanted to answer his question.

Vestron Pictures / Via

With visual aids.

17. That time he taught you how to pronounce his name, kind of.

He's got a point.

18. When he managed to transform a sweater vest into the single sexiest article of clothing to ever appear in front of an outer space backdrop.

NBC / Via

Also, to answer your question: Yes.

19. That time he wore hearts in front of many couches.

NBC / Via

Not too many people can pull off wearing hearts in front of many couches.

20. That time you envied his glasses.

20th Century Fox / Via

...And wondered why you still haven't watched The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension.

21. That time he rolled his eyes back and you were like o_O.


A+ eye rolling, bb.

Now rejoice and be glad, for we are so fortunate to live in the Goldblum Age.



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