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    24 Things People Slightly Obsessed With Reading Know To Be True

    It's not just a book; it's a whole world.

    1. You know nothing beats the smell of a brand-new book...

    2. ...except maybe the smell of an old one.


    Mmmm. Smells like the rest of my weekend.

    3. Sometimes you wonder whether it's normal to like books more than people.

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    We're here to tell you that it's totally fine.

    4. You are never, ever without a book.

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    You might leave your keys at home, but never your book.

    5. The Twilight Zone episode "Time Enough at Last" is your actual worst fear.


    *Shudder* If you're not familiar, you can check it out here.

    6. There are books you associate with certain points of your life, and re-reading them takes you back.


    And, yes, sometimes that means there will be tears.

    7. You begin to think of fictional characters as real people...


    When they hurt, you hurt.

    8. ...and talk about them accordingly.

    To anyone who will listen! And anyone who won't!

    9. The thought of moving scares you because you're going to have to haul about 127 boxes of books.


    10. And, of course, there's the matter of deciding which twenty (-five hundred) books you'll take with you on a trip!


    11. You feel a secret thrill when a book teaches you a new word.

    12. Sometimes you become so immersed in a book that you begin thinking and speaking like its characters.



    13. Nothing and no one can keep you away from a book you've become invested in.


    14. You've caught yourself sneaking time to read while you're supposed to be working or studying.

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    15. And you’ve started a book only to look up and discover that an entire day has gone by.


    16. You were probably raised by LeVar Burton.


    And he was instrumental in forming your love of reading. (Thanks, LeVar!)

    17. You distinctly remember the day you got your first library card.


    March 18th, 1998. There was a chill in the air, and you had macaroni for lunch.

    18. You've dreamed of living in a mansion just so you could have one of those giant, crazy, rich-people libraries all to yourself.


    19. For you, going on a trip means a chance to visit a new bookstore.

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    20. And you can't just "visit a bookstore." Oh no — you practically move in.

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    See you in 10 hours!

    21. Plus, you can't just ~casually~ peruse a book. You get ALL THE WAY INTO IT.

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    22. You've put a book aside because you can't bear the thought of finishing it and having it all be over.

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    23. But you've also made the extremely difficult decision to keep reading instead of going to sleep.

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    "Cannot sleep... must... learn... what... happenZzzzzzz."

    24. You know there's no feeling quite like that foggy dreaminess that sits with you right after you finish a book.

    Guess the only thing to do is...START ANOTHER!


    Become lost, find yourself, and enjoy.

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