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    26 Thoughts You Have When Listening To 10 Hours Of Tom DeLonge’s “I Miss You” Verse

    Blink-182, you're so haunting every time.

    Back in February, comedian Nathan Fielder tweeted out a request for a 10-hour loop of Tom DeLonge's verse on Blink-182's 2004 classic, "I Miss You."

    Anyone want to do me a favor and make a 10-hour loop of Tom Delonge's verse from "I Miss You"?

    And so a very kind person named Jonathan Herroon did just that. And now we are all going to listen to it, together.

    1. [00:03:01] I'd forgotten that I liked this song!

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    Ah. Memory lane.

    2. [00:10:03] Why does he pronounce "head" as "yed"? Is that pop punk?

    3. [00:18:28] Am I pop punk?

    4. [00:25:01] Pop punk guys are so cute.

    I feel 112 years old.

    5. [00:30:02] I just realized I don't know the actual lyrics, so I'm going to look them up.

    Here's a sample:

    And as I stared I counted /

    Webs from all the spiders /

    Catching things and eating their insides

    6. [00:45:13] So, wait. Does he like or hate this person?

    Like, her voice is treason and he's a waste of time for her and yet she needs to come cuddle so he can sleep? In a room full of webs? Clean your room, my dude, and maybe she'll want to hang out.

    7. [01:12:04] I don't remember a time in my life that I wasn't listening to this song.

    "I Miss You" always was and always will be. My nail beds ache.

    8. [01:33:17] I forgot I was listening to anything. It's as if this song is just part of my reality.

    So haunting every time.

    9. [02:18:55] Tom DeLonge is officially the voice inside my yed.

    Stop this pain tonight.

    10. [02:33:42] Do you love Tom's bangs in this video?

    Should I get bangs? What if I shave "Tom DeLonge" into the side of my head?

    11. [03:01:37] OK, so, hold up. Why are the spiders in this song only eating their prey's insides? Seems wasteful.

    Is that science? Cite your sources, Tom DeLonge.

    12. [03:32:21] I can't get over the "voice of treason" thing. Like. Is she a liar? And, if so, why is HE the one who's sorry?

    I really feel like I need some footnotes or an epilogue for this song.

    13. [04:03:59] People really don't wear lip rings as much as they used to. Does the hole just close up? Does it leave a mark? Should I pierce my lip?

    Also, is it weird that I can't feel my mouth at all right now? It's probably fine. I'm OK.

    14. [04:39:18] I feel like we, as listeners, need to know what Tom is "sorry" about in this song.

    What did you do, Tom? Own up to it. Tell us. Also, I think there's blood in my left ear.

    15. [05:01:22] Where am I.

    16. [05:38:11] I've changed my name to Tom.

    Please call me Tom.

    17. [06:06:19] I honestly don't understand why people wouldn't believe there's at least the possibility of life on other planets.

    Like, it seems really selfish and implausible that, in the entirety of the universe, we're the only planet with intelligent ("intelligent," lol) life.

    18. [06:39:58] I am space.

    19. [07:00:08] Did you guys ever watch Meet the Barkers?


    I did, a lot.

    20. [07:32:47] So much Blink-182 slashfic focuses on Mark and Tom and not on Travis and, idk, I just find that a little bit rude.

    Like, it doesn't even matter if you preferred Scott as drummer. Include everyone, you know?

    21. [08:13:31] I cannot sleep. I cannot dream tonight.

    Call me.

    22. [08:29:59] At first I was really sad about the possibility of a Blink-182 without Tom, but now I think it's best. He needs to be free to explore other artistic endeavors.

    Did you know he wrote a children's book? You did. Of course you did.

    23. [09:03:40] I love this song.

    This song is my favorite song. It loves me. It tells my story, and every story.

    24. [09:34:02] J bn bo bmjfo ljoh.

    25. [09:59:59]

    Paramount Pictures

    26. [66:66:66]

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