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    21 Thoughts You Have Using Domino’s Pizza Tracker

    Have you ever whispered "I love you" to your screen?

    The Domino's Pizza Tracker, for those who are somehow unfamiliar, allows you to track every stage of your pizza's preparation and delivery.

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    It is, perhaps, the invention that has best defined the human race. And it inspires many thoughts as you wait for your pizza.

    1. "My order has been placed and I am the Lord of online pizza summoning."

    Animated Pizza Gifs / Via

    If you build it,* they will come.**

    *a pizza

    **with pizza

    2. "They are prepping the pizza to my exact specifications. Does my power know no limit?" / Via

    Am I too powerful?

    3. "Hold up. I can customize the Pizza Tracker?" / Via

    Duh I'm going to go with the tropical beach theme.

    4. "Wait. There's a ROMANCE theme?" / Via

    Like the romance between me and an entire medium pizza, half spinach and mushroom, half sausage and jalapeño? Light sauce? Extra cheese?

    5. "I'm sorry. There's a METAL theme?!"

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    GRnightout / Via

    I hope I can learn how to wield all this power in a responsible manner.

    6. "My pizza is finally baking. It's gone from a mere concept to a physical reality."

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    I am changing the world.

    7. "Oh, look, I can see who's making my pizza."

    ...Rof? Thank you making my pizza, Rof.

    8. "I'm going to leave my pizza maker an encouraging comment."

    California Pizza Kitchen Tumblr / Via

    We are changing the world, Rof.

    9. "Get the #%&$ out of here. The Pizza Tracker is interactive?"

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    BikdipOnABus / Via

    This little baker dude does stuff when I press on him. He does my bidding.

    Am... am I a god?

    10. "Mmmm. Pizza power."

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    videosfrommycamera / Via

    Pizza and power. Power and pizza.

    11. "This is taking a while."

    Aol. / Via

    Pizza pizza pizza.

    12. "Am I seriously going to eat this entire pizza."

    Pizza Thursdays / Via

    I mean. Obviously. But should I?

    13. "Do you think ranch dressing goes with pizza."

    Instructables / Via

    Don't tell anyone I thought that.

    14. "Oh, they're doing a quality check! And boxing it! Finally!"

    NBC / Via

    *performs ancient pizza dance*

    15. "Still doing a quality check!"

    Fox ADHD / Via

    *performs less-enthused ancient pizza shuffle*

    16. "Seriously, how long does it take to check a pizza."

    NBC / Via

    This is some high-quality shit.

    17. "Out for delivery!"

    Fox, via Funny Junk / Via

    Should I make a grilled cheese sandwich to tide me over?

    18. "PIZZA."

    PBS / Via

    (And power.)

    19. "I should put some pants on."

    CBS / Via


    20. "I wonder what Rof is thinking about right now."

    Nickelodeon / Via

    Is he thinking of me as I am thinking of him?

    21. "PIZZA'S HERE."


    P I Z Z A.

    Thank you, Domino's Pizza Tracker.

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