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21 Thoughts You Have Using Domino’s Pizza Tracker

Have you ever whispered "I love you" to your screen?

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The Domino's Pizza Tracker, for those who are somehow unfamiliar, allows you to track every stage of your pizza's preparation and delivery.

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It is, perhaps, the invention that has best defined the human race. And it inspires many thoughts as you wait for your pizza.


5. "I'm sorry. There's a METAL theme?!"

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I hope I can learn how to wield all this power in a responsible manner.


9. "Get the #%&$ out of here. The Pizza Tracker is interactive?"

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This little baker dude does stuff when I press on him. He does my bidding.

Am... am I a god?

10. "Mmmm. Pizza power."

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Pizza and power. Power and pizza.