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19 Situations That Happen To People With Names In Spanish

That's not my name.

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1. You've run into trouble finding your name on personalized items.

There are 110,000 Peter keychains, but not a Pedro to be found.

2. You've heard one million jokes about how loooong names in Spanish are.

...Although sometimes it IS true.

i remember when my mom said my whole damn name , she lost breath after talking #SpanishNameProblems

3. You hear even the most common names pronounced incorrectly.

4. You're no stranger to those dastardly red squiggles on your screen.

5. You've definitely been asked to "Say something in Spanish!"

We just received a pamphlet from target printed in Spanish #spanishnameproblems #dontspeakit

...Even if you don't speak a word of it.

6. You've had to spell it out phonetically for others on more than one occasion.

7. And, often enough, it feels like your life is like a damn spelling bee.

ESPN Classic

"Diaz, not Dies. D and in Don't Wanna Do This, I as in I Wanna Punch You..."

8. Going to Starbucks can be an ~adventure.~

Who will you be today?

9. You might've even come up with a nickname or alias to save you the trouble of spelling and pronouncing your name over and over.

Forever lying about my name at fast food places because they never get it right 😂 #spanishnames #latinastruggle

10. At some point, you might have to gently point out that every name in Spanish is not interchangeable.

Institute teacher thinks my name is Juan #latinonameproblems

11. ...And that doesn't change when you're famous, either.

Trump says he's proud of kicking Jose Ramos out of a press event

*Jorge Ramos

12. This is especially awkward if you're one of two Latinos at work or school with names in Spanish, and people constantly confuse you two.


"No. I'm the other one."

13. If your name has a "J," people often pronounce it the English way.



14. And if your name includes an accent, you'll notice people constantly leaving it out.


15. Got a tilde in your name? Good luck ever seeing it.

Paramount Pictures

16. You've really wondered if you can at least make some cash outta all this.

17. People constantly ask you what your name MEANS.


Well, it's nearly impossible to translate, but I GUESS "Pablo" means "Paul, in Spanish."

18. And sometimes you'll get people pointing out how "exotic" your name is.


...Exotic to them, maybe.

19. But, despite the little annoyances that pop up, you know your name is beautiful, filled with history, and all your own.

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