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Definitive Proof Of What The Most Popular Christmas Food Is

Save us some?

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Let's take a look at how it all broke down:

A mere 1% of you will be having goose at your Christmas table.


And a figgy pudding, perhaps?

2% of you beauties will be having pizza this year.


Always a solid choice.

3% will be eating feelings.


Sweet, sour, salty, and kind of bitter.

3% of you will also be eating pork this year!


(As will I. With lots of congri and yucca con mojo.)

4% of you will have to save me a tamal or 18.


But, now, what flavor do you like best? Pork? Chicken? DREAMS?

Another 4% will be feasting on Chinese food.


Lo mein and a movie? Sounds like a celebration.

4% of you also voted for lots and lots 'o fish.


King Triton has got to be feeling a little nervous.

16% of you elves on shelves are eating something that wasn't featured in our poll.


Chief among those thing? Roast beef, prime rib, and various pasta dishes. Plus tofurkey for our veg friends, and other tasty, regional options, like gumbo and duck. Yum!

In second, there's Thanksgiving, part deux, with turkey.


(And fixin's. OBVIOUSLY.)

Which leaves the winning dish, with over a third of the total vote: HAM


Hammity ham ham. Haaaaaaaaaam!

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