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22 Confessions Shy People Will Never Tell You

*Converses with you in total silence.*

1. You should know that being quiet doesn't mean we're judging you.

New Line Cinema / Via

I mean. Unless we are.

2. We relive past moments over and over thinking of what we SHOULD have said.

Fox / Via

Things like "hi" and "what's up."

3. It's a challenge to talk to people because, quite simply, we don't know what you want to talk about!

ABC / Via

*Considers talking about favorite TV show*

*Considers talking about favorite TV show a little more*

*Doesn't talk about favorite TV show*

4. ...and we're weirdly terrified that we might not have the same sense of humor.

Fox / Via

There is no sadder sound than that of a joke dying in the middle of a crowd.

5. We promise you that we're not trying to be snobby.

Paramount Pictures / Via

If we had a nickel for every time we've heard "when I first met you, I thought you were just stuck up," we could buy a small country.

6. Finding ourselves on the outer edge of a circle of people socializing is EXCRUCIATING.

Focus Features / Via

This is hell. This is what hell is. Hell is this.

7. We're looking through our phones as a coping mechanism, not because we're trying to be rude.


Scrollers gonna scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll.

8. ...and we absolutely know we should stop doing that.

ABC Family / Via

Forgive us!

9. Sometimes we overthink things and come across as, well. GOOFY AS HELL.

NBC / Via


10. Which, in turn, makes us feel MORE AWKWARD AND SELF-CONSCIOUS.

Fox / Via

A vicious, vicious cycle.

11. We need you to know that being shy definitely doesn't mean we don't like people or socializing.

New Line Cinema / Via

We WANT to talk to you. But instead we'll look at our feet a whole bunch.

12. Honestly, sometimes we don't even know what we're nervous about.


It's like our brains and our hearts are in constant battle.

13. You'll probably never know when we have a crush on you.

Universal Pictures / Via

Our signature flirting move is "stare intensely, then quickly look away." Works exactly zero percent of the time.

14. We're relieved when you make the first move! / Via DreamWorks Pictures


15. We're so afraid of ruining first dates with long, awkward pauses in conversation.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via


16. This is embarrassing but... we definitely give ourselves a pep talk before meeting new people.

Fox / Via

Scream-yelling "Eye of the Tiger" into a mirror helps a bit.

17. We'd kind of hoped this shyness was just a phase we'd outgrow.



18. The "imagine the audience in their underwear" tip for public speaking? DOESN'T WORK. THEY'RE STILL PROBABLY JUDGING US.


Only now they're judging with their junk out. HOW IS THAT BETTER.

19. And we'd rather go the dentist's office than to any sort of interview.

CBS / Via

Unless the dentist wants to make small talk...

20. But you should know that, just because we don't voice them, doesn't mean we don't have strong opinions.


It's tough to share them with people you're not comfortable with.

21. That said, not every shy person gets shy at the same situations.

NBC / Via

Some shy people are great performers, or maybe do well with large groups and not small ones. Different comfort zones.

22. We're secretly envious of sociable people. How DO you guys do it????


So perplexed by your skills, tbh.

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