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    Aug 3, 2015

    27 Faces Latinos Will Definitely Recognize

    Let's play "what's in that butter container?"

    1. When your favorite food is limited to one "ethnic food aisle."

    "Ethnic" to whom, my loves?

    2. When people ask whether you know their Latino friend.


    Oh, your random Latino friend in Wisconsin? Yeah, he's my mom.

    3. When you have this horrific realization.

    4. When people mistake you for the one other Latino at work or school.


    No, boo boo.

    5. When people refer to you as "spicy."

    6. When your mom asks you to get the butter but every butter container is filled with something different.


    7. And when you look into a tub of butter and it actually has butter in it.

    Matt Furie / Via 4chan

    Well this is an unexpected delight.

    8. When this happens at a family reunion.

    9. When you're alone in your room and some old-school Juan Luis Guerra starts playing.


    10. When a person says you "don't look Latino."

    Comedy Central

    One question: How dare you?

    11. When someone goes out of their way to enthusiastically wish you a happy Cinco de Mayo.


    1. We're not all Mexican. 2. Even Mexicans can agree that Cinco de Mayo has evolved into a (very!) fun, (extremely!) boozy holiday for any and all Americans.

    12. When someone suggests going to Chipotle for "Spanish food."


    lol the LEVELS here

    13. When someone asks if you "speak Mexican."


    14. When other Latinos don't realize you understand Spanish and can eavesdrop on them.

    Columbia Pictures


    15. When you're Brazilian and relate to only a third of Latino memes you see online.

    Universal Pictures


    16. When you're in the middle of talking to a relative and your parents ask "¿Dijiste hola?"

    17. When you ask to go to McDonald's and your mom says there's food at home.


    "Los fren-fry no son comida."

    18. When your mom hands you the phone and forces you to say hi to your abuela.

    Disney / Pixar

    "Hola. Sí. Bueno. Sí. Ja. OK."

    19. When you were excited for dessert but this tragedy occurs.

    20. When your grandmother keeps pressuring you to eat a fifth serving of food and you don't want to be rude.

    21. When anyone has ever asked "no, where are you really from."



    22. When your mom yells about "tu puta madre."



    23. When you Google or do a hashtag search for "Latina."

    Well those are certain parts of a Latina, yes.

    24. When you know seven people nicknamed Yoyi* and are never sure which one people are talking about.

    *Or Kiki. Or Gordo.

    25. When people expect Latinos to be great dancers and... Well...


    It's simply not always the case.

    26. When you're injured and a family member tells you to put "vaporu" on it.


    But I can see the bone...?

    27. And finally, when, despite what a big and vast group we are, you find someone else who just gets it.


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