23 Cute Animals Who Just Want You To Have A Nice Monday

    Hey, Mondays aren't so bad.

    1. This happy baby, who reminds you that snacks exist on Mondays, too.

    2. This teeny kitten, who's winkin' right at ya 'cause you OWN this day.

    3. This fashionable friend, who insists that "on Mondays, we wear pink."

    4. This lil' nugget, who advises that, when Mondays get you down, you just need to relax.

    5. This gorgeous feline, who is in total awe of everything you're accomplishing today.

    6. This handsome dude, who thinks your days of the week puns are HILARIOUS.

    7. This feathered friend, who is literally singing your praises all through the week.

    8. This new pal, who is now president of your fan club.

    9. This little one, who wants to know if you're free to hang out after you're done kicking today's butt.

    10. This little lady, who is marveling at how nice you look today.

    11. This fashionable piglet, who thinks Monday calls for dressing up.

    12. This fuzzy pal, who wonders how you manage to do it all so well.

    13. This lil' guy, who is positively atwitter over you.

    14. This cutie, who knows that nothing perks up a Monday quite like the right hat.

    15. This guy, who wants to know if maybe you wanna make Monday Muchos Nachos Night a weekly tradition.

    16. This chubby lad, who just knows you have many adventures to come.

    17. This polite gentleman, who reminds you to take it all one day at a time.

    18. This ball of cuteness, who reminds you that it's Friday's eve's eve's eve's eve.

    19. This little cutie, who saved you some snacks.

    20. This fine fellow, who simply doesn't believe in bad Mondays or bad hair days.

    21. This little guy, who is busy composing a sonnet in your honor.

    22. This charming lass, who already wants to make weekend plans with you.

    23. And this happy hedgehog, who hopes your Monday is great.