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Here's Who Should Be In The Remake Of "The Craft"

Life's a witch.

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While not everyone is into the idea, we figured this was as good a time as any to think about what a possible The Craft ~dream cast~ might look like!


Who would play Rochelle? You'd need someone who is just the right mix of sweet and tough.

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Rochelle, after all, is at her core a good person who has to deal with being bullied in a most unconventional way.

As for Sarah, you'd need someone who embodies effortless, yet totally approachable, coolness.

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You should instantly want to stick by Sarah's character as she deals with the increasingly unhinged behavior of her new friends in Los Angeles.


And, last but not least, there's NANCY! This person would need charisma, presence, and a set of unnervingly piercing eyes.

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This is a real tough one! You'd need to find an actor able to convincingly portray someone is both a total nightmare and also, deep down, a wounded soul just trying to get what's hers!