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    24 Things Only People Who Live Far From Their Parents Understand

    Home is where the food is.

    1. Your parents use social media to keep up with what you're doing.

    2. No amount of phone calls is ever enough for your parents.

    3. Group texts are simply a way of life.

    4. ...As is this inevitable consequence.

    5. Also, way too many group texts revolve around parents figuring out emojis.

    6. Phone calls are about 98.6% family gossip...

    ...And 1.4% your parents asking whether you've been eating.

    7. You still get jealous every time your parents take a trip without you.

    8. You basically LIVE for care packages.

    9. You've had that strange sensation of waking up and forgetting you no longer live in your parents' home.

    10. You miss them so much that you are secretly pleased when you find yourself turning into your parents.

    11. Airlines are your enemy because it shouldn't bankrupt you to visit your parents.

    12. No matter how mature you are in your daily life, you revert when you actually get to see your parents.

    13. You require your parents to send you a constant stream of pics of all and any babies in your family.

    14. ...Ditto for pictures of pets.

    15. You know the greatest sadness is missing a holiday with your parents.

    16. FaceTime and Skype are godsends.

    Once your parents figure 'em out, that is.

    17. You're not 100% sure where "home" is.

    18. Time differences are a hangnail on the hand of life.

    19. "Hiraeth" is a concept you know too well.

    20. You know that nothing triggers memories of home quite like food.

    21. ...Even though no dish compares to your parents' cooking.

    22. And let's not even talk about how you're now listening to music your parents loved when you were a kid.

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    Music you didn't even like before moving away from them, tbh.

    23. You will always need your parents.

    24. ...And they will always need you.