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31 Reasons Wearing Eyeliner Can Be A Beautiful Nightmare

The longer the wing, the higher you fly.

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9. And gel liners are actually pretty great, but watch out: if you apply with a brush, things will get all gunky real fast.

11. Also, if you work out, applying eyeliner after an Arm Day at the gym is just... Sigh.


That said: your arms do look great.

15. You try to emulate a look from the runway or a magazine and it just... does not work.


This was a mistake. A mistake I will repeat ten or 257 times until I get it right.

22. ...And then, in the light of day, you realize you look like you fell face-first into a circus tent full of clowns.

24. Of course, realizing you have janky eyeliner is a great, simple way to ruin your day.


That said, what a luxury to have a day ruined by eyeliner. Right? Right.

29. But I mean. Pandas are cute, right? This is cute. (Is this cute?)


*wears sunglasses*

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