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21 Things You Should Never Do To Someone From Miami

Stop writing songs about Miami, bro.

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8. Call Miami "uncultured."

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Miami's unique melding of different cultures and the fact that it's a crossroads between the U.S. and a number of other (particularly Latin American) countries makes it a fantastic place to experience diverse forms of art, dance, film, food, literature, theater, music, and more.


15. Try to co-opt our vocabulary.

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What do you even think of life?


21. Try to convince us that this isn't an amazing city full of great people.

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From Little Haiti to Little Havana, the Grove to the Gables, downtown to Overtown, suburban McMansions to old-style Miami bungalows, Miami is a diverse place full of lots to do and see. And its most important feature? The people who call it home.

There's no place else quite like it.