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25 Tattoo Ideas For Scorpios

AKA the best sign in the zodiac.

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1. If you want to go for a fairly minimalist look, why not a teeny Scorpio symbol in an unexpected spot?

2. Constellation tattoos offer a more subtle way to pay homage to your sign.

3. Here's another, more detailed take on a constellation tattoo.

4. And here's a more subtle, daintier take:

5. If you're looking to brighten things up, go with bold colors.

6. Here's one making great use of a Southwestern color palette.

7. Or you can always opt for pastels. This example is particularly lovely.

8. Red and black are colors associated with Scorpio, and this tattoo makes excellent use of them.

9. And if your birthday happens to fall on Halloween...

10. This tattoo, made with vegan ink, offers a unique spin by incorporating hearts:

11. Can you believe this tattoo was a walk-in? Great color work.

12. Here's an example incorporating old-school text.

13. Check out the details and eye for texture on this one.

14. Get creative with shadows, too. This one gives the illusion of being embossed.

15. If your aesthetic leans towards the cute, well-accessorized, and (dangerously) cuddly, there's this option.

16. And this lil' cutie *probably* won't sting you.

17. Looking for a subtle way to femme up your symbol tattoo? Add a bow!

18. And you can definitely go small without compromising on detail if you pick a skilled artist.

19. And you can always incorporate scorpion-inspired imagery into something EXTRA special.

20. Just check out the skill required to make that bubble look translucent.

21. And here's a gorgeous, watercolor-inspired tattoo of the constellation in space.

22. Also, are you kidding me with how beautiful this is?

23. Chrysanthemums are associated with Scorpio as well, and can make for gorgeous, complex, colorful designs. Like so:

24. This sleeve design incorporates both chrysanthemums and waves -- great for Scorpios, since we're a water sign.

25. And, finally, you can go a different route entirely and have your tattoo commemorate one of the most famous and beloved Scorpios of all: Bob Ross.

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