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    For Everyone Whose Sexual Awakening Was Caused By Johnny Depp

    From the small screen to the big screen to ~your dreams~.

    1. When he said this while starring in 21 Jump Street and you were like, "No, YOU don't be so darn cute."

    2. When you know that Johnny and only Johnny could make a crop top and fluffy bangs work.

    3. When he resented being seen as a teen idol and you were like, "Sorry."

    4. When he shed a single tear in Cry-Baby and you lost your mind.

    5. Actually...let's just linger here for a sec.

    6. o_O

    OK, what were we discussing? Oh, right...

    7. When he starred in Edward Scissorhands and was like, "Look, scissors for hands IS an obstacle in a relationship, but we can make it work."

    8. Every single second of his "Winona Forever" days.

    9. When he wore this hat in Benny & Joon and you still loved him despite the ridiculousness of it.

    10. When you were jealous that Juliette Lewis got to do this in What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

    11. When he starred in Ed Wood and you would've bought him all the angora sweaters in all the world.

    12. When he showed off this LOOK in Dead Man and it was like a bullet to your heart.

    13. When he played the sexiest man in the world and you were like, "This performance is very believable, yes, great job."

    14. When you wanted to do exactly this because oh my god.

    15. When he dated Kate Moss and you thought about it and decided you'd allow it.

    16. When he was the only person in the history of hatdom to make this hat work.

    17. When he made round glasses sexy, which is almost literally impossible for anyone who is not Johnny Depp.

    18. When he was in Sleepy Hollow and you were like, "Christina Ricci, that is my husband, please stop this."

    19. When this happened and you were noooottttt mad about it.

    20. Also, when he was prettier than you and you weren't even bothered.

    21. When you were 10 minutes into "Chocolat and chill" and he gave this look.

    I MEAN:

    22. When he looked like some sort of mean Abercrombie model in Blow and yet you were still like, "I would slap my own grandmother just to kiss him."

    23. When he asked this very important question and you were like, "MexiCANYOUJUSTHOLDMEPLEASE."

    24. When he wore a ton of eyeliner in all 783 Pirates of the Caribbean movies and it made up for that terrible beard.

    25. Every time he went blonde and it really shouldn't have worked, but it did, because he is Johnny Depp.

    26. When he shared a tender moment with this dog and you were like, "I am jealous of a dog."

    27. Basically every single time he was the perfect mix of hot and creepy.

    28. When he was like, "haha, I'm so bad" and you were absolutely here for it.

    29. When he told this joke and you fully realized JOHNNY DEPP ISN'T JUST #DAD, HE'S A LITERAL DAD.

    So: Thanks for all that, Johnny Depp.