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25 Incredibly Creepy Things Everyone Does

We all have a creepy side.

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5. Thinking your friend is right next to you but accidentally talking to a stranger.

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"So then I told Cheryl, 'That definitely wasn't a squirrel,' and she was like-- Oh. Sorry, sir. I thought you were someone else."


9. Staring at a stranger while trying to figure out if it's someone you know.

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Is that Cheryl? She looks like Cheryl. Did Cheryl always have blue eyes? And a beard? Oh, wait, that's a dude. It's totally an old man. That's not Cheryl.

...But it MIGHT be?

12. Seeing a friend of a friend tagged in a Facebook photo, and spending way too much time going through that person's albums.


There's no reason you need to see this person's family trip to Disneyland, and yet here you are.