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The Miami Alphabet

A, B, C, uno, dos, tres...

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A is for Asses

Here's to Miami's twerking fitness classes that keep 'em perky.

B is for Book Fair

Authors, book worms, and a whole lot of great speakers unite at the annual Miami Book Fair International.

D is for Driving Is A Nightmare

This is your view 97% of the time.


E is for Enchanted Forest

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Game! Food! Shows! NATIVITY!

F is for Farm Stores

You wouldn't get egg nog for any other place than La Vaquita.

G is for Guayabera

Miami's tuxedo, as modeled by this dapper rooster.


I is for I Don't Even Know

Don't try to understand Miamiosity. Just embrace it.

J is for Jai-alai

An iconic sport.

K is for Kevin

Who brought us this quintessential Miami moment.

L is for Little Havana and Little Haiti

A little slice of home away from home for many.


M is for Mangos

...Especially "borrowing" some from a neighbor's yard.

N is for Ñoooo! ¡Que Barato!

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Bargains galore.

O is for Ochún

Who else is going to have your back? Especially when it comes to love.

P is for Pitbull

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Miami's own.


Q is for QTs.

No offense to other cities, but Miami is home to the cutest people on the globe.

R is for Rain

Just wait five minutes, it'll clear up. Then wait five more minutes for it to start again.

S is for Storm Shutters

It's that time of year agaaaaaain!

T is for Trina

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Queen of Miami


U is for Ultra Fest

Music. Dancing. Fashion. And then mild exhaustion.

V is for Ventanita

Coffee and pastelitos just taste better from a window; DON'T ASK ME WHY.

W is for Wynwood Walls

Touch the art.

X is for XXX

It's a strippy-type place, is all.

Y is for Youth Fair

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The best place to find funnel cake, scary rides, an airbrushed Betty Boop-as-a-chonga crop top, and a bunch of third graders' winning essays.

Z is for Zoo

We'll include Parrot Jungle Island and Monkey Jungle along with Metro Zoo. Come for the flamingos, leave because it's always too hot, no matter what time of year you visit.