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    Posted on Mar 28, 2015

    10 Apps For Couples That Really Should Exist

    Findrs, keepers.

    1. Netpix: An app that finds Netflix movies and TV shows you BOTH will enjoy.


    Perfect for keeping couples happy! Now you won't spend half of Friday night scrolling through suggestions when you COULD be binge-watching Frasier instead.

    2. Snugglz: An app that makes couch snuggling less of an obstacle course.

    Snugglz uses handy charts to find the most comfortable position for laying on the couch together all weekend. It's specially designed to ensure 1) arms and legs won't fall asleep and 2) no limbs are hanging off the couch during a scary movie.

    3. Findr: An app for locating your significant other when you become separated at Target.


    Now you won't have to yell across the store or have your texts go unanswered. Findr not only sends alerts to your wayward boyfriend/girlfriend, it also tracks their location so you know for sure that, yes, they're in the toy aisle AGAIN.

    4. Clapchat: An app that automatically punctuates photo captions with the clapping emoji between each word.

    Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed

    Now you can show your significant other knows you MEAN BUSINESS when you say things like "stop stealing all the sheets at night and rolling yourself up like a burrito."

    5. OccuPryd: An app that keeps bathroom time PRIVATE.

    This app that 1. automatically locks bathroom doors to keep your significant other from using the toilet while you're showering and 2. keeps your boyfriend or girlfriend from opening the door to talk while they're... busy in there.

    6. Hangry Birds: The game that saves relationships from hanger-related fights.

    Rovio Entertainment / Via

    A game that distracts a couple when one or both are so hungry that they're angry. Players feed snacks to hangry birds for points; loser pays for lunch.

    7. Waze - Couples Edition: An app for navigating traffic and arguments about them.

    Google / Via

    This deluxe version of the Waze directions app helpfully lets you know who was right in the first place.

    8. Hinterest: The ultimate app for dropping hints about what you really want.

    Jalcaraz / Getty Images

    This handy app gently lets your boo-boo know what you want for your anniversary, birthday, or other special events.

    9. SnoreNoMore: The app that stops your significant other's snoring for good.

    SnoreNoMore "gently" awakens your snoring boyfriend or girlfriend with a "mild" electronic tickle.

    10. Baeby: An app that shows couples what their future baby might look like.

    JStaley401 / iStock

    This remarkable app can also show what a baby/puppy and a baby/kitten hybrid child might look like. Because we know that's probably what you're going to use it for anyway.

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