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32 Simple Pleasures That Might Actually Be Better Than Sex

I mean, like, better than sex with you.

1. Stretching while yawning.

2. Getting a beautifully round scoop of ice cream.

3. Cracking your neck.

4. Emptying your spam folder.

5. Your ears popping.

6. A big, deep, whole body sneeze.

7. That last bite of a sandwich.

8. Ordering fast food and realizing there are more fries in the bag.

9. Cleaning your ears with a Q-tip, which you know you're not supposed to do, but godDAMN does it feel right.

10. Perfectly popping off a bottle cap on the first try.

11. Pouring cream into coffee.

12. Separating two pieces of a perfectly melted grilled cheese sandwich.

13. Cleaning out lint from a dryer in one single piece.

14. Peeling off nail polish in a single strip.

15. Coming up with the perfect comeback at the exact right moment.

16. Poppin' an egg yolk.

17. A flawlessly executed high five.

18. Strrrrrrippin' off a face mask.

19. Slathering frosting onto a cake.

20. Jumping into a pristinely smooth pile of snow.

21. Squishin' Play-Doh.

22. Watching a fizzy tablet dissolve in water.

23. Scratching an itch.

24. Blowing on a dandelion puff.

25. Popping bubble wrap.

26. Getting that very first scoop of peanut butter from the jar.

27. The thought of poking the Pillsbury Doughboy.

28. Quickly unsnapping snap-front clothes.

29. That little shudder after a bout of heavy crying.

30. Zipping and ALSO unzipping.

31. Floating.

32. Squeezing a brand new tube of toothpaste.

Whew! That was nice.