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22 Gift Ideas For People Who Hate Everything

Bah humbug.

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1. Perpetual Disappointments Diary - $20.41

The Perpetual Disappointments Diary helps keep track of everything going absolutely wrong with your life. It includes a list of "insecurity" questions to document everything you're sorely lacking, from confidence about your body to feeling awful about your "friends' "successes, as well as a phone book of people who will never call you. Plus, it comes chock full of "Monday" stickers and de-motivational proverbs. How perfect for you.


19. Freeze 'Em Spell - $24.99

Lady Mage Emporium / Via

From the item description:

" box and freezer spells are used to shut someone up, stop gossip, eliminate business competition, stop harassment, and stop evil doers.

If you wish to freeze someone's words or actions, or keep someone away from you - then you need this kit."

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