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12 Secrets Skinny-Fat People Have

Think of a twig, rolled in Gak. But cute.

"Skinny-fat" is a woefully underrepresented body type.

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It describes a body that appears relatively slender, but that is not toned and is, in fact, quite squishy. And those of us who have this body type harbor several secrets.

1. We're totally aware that we look like a steamrolled Shar-Pei the minute our clothes come off.

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So you don't have to tell us.

2. Yes, we are going to eat all that.

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And you don't have to ask us where we store it all because we both know the answer: ever.y.where.

3. Not all real women have curves.

Big Machine / Via

Some have a sort of amalgamation of angles and squishy bits.

4. Yes, some of us are perfectly healthy.

SheChive / Via

Because having a lot of chub doesn't necessarily mean a person is in poor health or doesn't get enough exercise. Some people build muscle mass easily, some don't.


5. Then again, some of us aren't.

UPN / Via

Because, alternately, being thin doesn't necessarily mean someone is healthy.

6. Some skinny people have double chins.

E! / Via

As well as fudabadub arms and melty buns. Isn't the human body a wondrous thing?

7. And, sometimes, there's no avoiding a muffin top.


They're the new Cronut...?

8. Good posture can do a lot.

Buena Vista Pictures / Via

It's like stretching out a roll of cookie dough.

9. But, hey, not every thin person has a flat belly.

Miramax Films / Via

Pot bellies are often a fact of ~*sKiNnY-fAt lYf.*~

10. We know very well which fabrics "skim, but don't cling."

Fox / Via

Love ya, cotton-Lycra blends.

11. Do not poke us.

BET / Via

We will deflate. And then attack.

12. Sure, you might say Olive Oyl is a bit of a skinny-fat icon.

King Features Syndicate / Via

Slayin' em.

So shake the tops of your legs and embrace it!

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