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21 Things That Are Goddamn Disappointing Every Fucking Time

And isn't it ironic? Don't you think?

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1. When your phone lights up and you think you got a text, but it's actually a notice that your data is running out.

2. When you get super excited to dive into a box of cereal, but SOME FOOL-ASS FOOL put the empty box back in the pantry. / Via Paramount Pictures

3. When you've forgotten your password, so you have to make a new one, and then you get this MESSAGE FROM HELL:

4. When you think you have an elevator all to yourself and then hear "HOLD THE DOOR!"


5. When you bite into a delectable chocolate and find out it's the kind filled with "old gum" flavor.

(It's actually called "Roman nougat" and it should be illegal.)

(It's actually called "Roman nougat" and it should be illegal.)

6. When you're lookin' cute and visually adept in your glasses and then pull out half your hair taking them off.

7. When you have just enough money to get something from the vending machine and your snack gets stuck.

8. When you take a piping hot meal out of the microwave and discover the center is still frozen.

Columbia Pictures

9. When you're about to bite into a fluffy puff of cotton candy and the whole damn thing basically vanishes into thin air.

10. When you wait forever at the drive-thru and open your bag of food only to find your order is totally wrong AS you're driving away. / Via Warner Bros.

11. When supposedly cute seasonal chocolates just look like, well. Dookie.

Wait a minute, these Reese's hearts look like Reese's trees

12. When you made sure to bring the exact right change for something, but you forgot about taxes:

13. When you're ready for a refreshing can of soda and then the goddamn tab breaks.

14. Using a plastic fork when you're famished, only to have it break immediately.

15. When it's payday and your bank account is lookin' good and then you have to pay your student loans.

16. Gettin' a simple lil' haircut, then emerging lookin' like an aggressively-used Q-tip.

Disney / Via

17. Biting into a delicious, decadently rich chocolate chip cookie and discovering it's actually oatmeal raisin.

Lucasfilm / Via

18. Reaching into the fridge for butter and finding literally anything but that in the butter container.

19. Getting excited over a new email and then remembering it's something you've literally just emailed to yourself.

Disney / Pixar / Via

20. When you leave the house looking on point and don't realize until too late that you've had something stuck in your teeth since breakfast.


21. And finally, finding the perfect sleeping position, pillow temperature, and blanket situation in bed right before you need to wake up.

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