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    24 Things Women Should Forgive Themselves For

    If you've ever felt bad about any of these, stop and forgive yourself.

    1. Not having it all.

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    The idea of "having it all" is a myth and a misnomer. It's not just about creating balance, because that would imply all these things are equally important to everyone. It's about creating a balance that works for you.

    2. Not always liking what you see in the mirror.

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    It's OK to note perceived flaws, as long as they don't take over your life. No one, male or female, feels completely secure about their appearance every day. Go easy on yourself.

    3. Not understanding how a Diva Cup works.

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    Do you have to rinse it out, like, in the office bathroom? In front of everyone? How does it even... Never mind.

    4. Feeling bad about being basic.

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    So now there's a label for those who like pumpkin spice lattes and Uggs and brunch. That's fine. It's just one facet of who you are, and it can be a funny one.

    5. ...or not being basic.

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    You're not the only one who doesn't get why everyone is so into "getting brunchies with my bitches" while wearing matching North Face fleeces and vowing to never drink again. Don't worry about it.

    6. Not understanding feminism.

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    Feminism has gotten a bad reputation, both because of false assumptions and real problems within the movement. But it's only as strong and as diverse as the people within it. Study it, educate yourself, and see how it can work for you (and vice versa).

    7. Asking, "Do I look fat in this?"

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    Just keep in mind that the answer might be, "Yes, and you look great."

    8. Feeling self-conscious about ordering a salad.

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    ...Or a giant plate of ribs. Ordering one or the other doesn't necessarily mean you're bowing to social pressures to look or eat a certain way.

    9. Not really getting Beyoncé.

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    10. Feeling guilty about not having kids.

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    Kids are not for everyone, and you don't need to be a parent to have a fulfilling life.

    11. Or, if you do have kids, wondering if you're missing out by being a stay-at-home mom.

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    It's one of the toughest jobs out there for sure. Your work day just involves a lot more crayons and tough life lessons, and far less idle chatter by the copy machine.

    12. Not always loving be a mom.

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    It's not an easy role, and it's very often a thankless one. You don't have to feel totally in love with your children and with motherhood at every moment. Feeling this way doesn't make you a bad mom; it makes you a human being.

    13. Changing your mind.

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    Maybe you pursued a career, then changed your mind and decided to raise kids / care for an aging parent / create a line of jaunty hats for baby hedgehogs. Maybe you decided that you want to go back to school. It's OK to change course!

    14. Having regrets.

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    It's OK to wonder whether you made the wrong choice. But here's a secret: Everyone wonders this. Everyone asks "what if?" It doesn't make you wrong; it makes you human.

    15. Feeling guilty about playing the field.

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    Get. It. I mean, use protection and be safe out there. But.

    Get. It.

    16. Feeling bad about not being "girly."

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    What does girly even mean anyway?

    17. ...or for being unabashedly girly.

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    Let's be real, pink and glitter are indeed awesome.

    18. Falling for a jerk.

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    We've all dated a guy or girl who treated our hearts like it was hot garbage. Whether you were too young to know better or just had a lapse in judgment, don't let that jerk ruin all the love that's yet to happen.

    19. Being made to feel bad about having plastic surgery.

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    Self-image is a complicated thing. Make the educated choice, make the smart choice, and make the choice that best suits you. Having plastic surgery doesn't necessarily make you anti-feminist or mean that you don't like yourself.

    20. Not shaving or waxing.


    Whether you wear your hair as a political statement, an aesthetic choice, or, you know, whatever, do you and don't let others make you feel bad about it.

    21. Wearing a lot of makeup.

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    Putting on makeup is a nice ritual, and it's fun to try out new colors and looks. Do you.

    22. Not wearing any makeup.

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    You don't need makeup to look feminine (and you don't even need to look feminine to be a woman). You don't need makeup to look professional. You don't need makeup to feel good about yourself.

    23. Judging other women.

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    Feminism is not about blindly supporting or agreeing with everything every woman does. But disagreeing is different from judging. Just realize why you're criticizing someone else, and what it says about you. And then move on, better for it.

    24. Judging yourself. / Via

    You can be hard on yourself, but remember: You're the only you that you've got. And you are pretty excellent.

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