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Disney Has Finally Created A Latina Princess

The 16-year-old princess will have her own Disney Junior show in 2016.

Here's a look at Disney's first Latina princess. Hi Elena!

Disney Junior

Elena will star in her own show on Disney Junior, Disney's network for young viewers.

Viewers will meet her for the first time in an upcoming episode of Sofia the First.

Disney Junior

You might recall that there was some initial confusion about whether Sofia was a Latina character. Disney clarified that she was not, telling the National Hispanic Media Coalition that, however, "Disney Junior has an exciting project in early development that does have a Latina as the heroine of the show."

Here's what we know about Elena:

- She's 16.

- She comes from the Kingdom of Avalor.

- She is, according to Disney, "inspired by diverse Latin cultures and folklore."

- She'll be introduced in a special episode of the Disney Junior series Sofia the First in 2016.

- She'll have her own series, Elena of Avalor, also kicking off in 2016.

- She battled an evil sorceress named Shuriki.

- She has a little sister, Princess Isabel, her grandfather Tito, and her grandmother Cici.

- In trying to save her family from Shuriki, she was pulled into her own magical amulet. You know, princess stuff.

- Princess Sofia, who now wears the amulet, restores Elena to her human form and helps her return to Avalor.

- Elena's best friends are Mateo, who is training to be a wizard, and Skylar, a flying creature.

And she's voiced by actress Aimee Carrero.

ABC Family

Who is also awesome. Aimee is from the Dominican Republic, grew up in Miami, and currently stars as Sofia Rodriguez on ABC Family's Young & Hungry.

Can't wait to meet you, Elena!