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    Posted on Jul 24, 2014

    We Need To Talk About “Burbujas De Amor,” A Song About Fish Sex

    You say you want to make love bubbles... where, exactly?

    Guys. We need to talk about "Burbujas de Amor."

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    Juan Luis Guerra y 4-40 / Via

    You remember this song, right?

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    It's off Juan Luis Guerra and 4-40's 1991 album, Bachata Rosa, and tells the story of a man so in love with a woman that he wants to turn into a fish.

    A fish that does things.

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    Ok, let's jump right into the lyrics. Here we go:

    Alex Alvarez / Via

    The translation: I have a heart that's been stripped of hope and reason. I have a heart that wakes up wherever.

    The meaning: This guy is suffering. He's lost all hope of finding someone to really love, but will get so nasty you guys with literally whomever. Who even cares.

    Ok, typical love stuff. Let's continue:

    Alex Alvarez / Via

    The translation: And this heart undresses impatiently upon hearing your voice. Poor heart, who can't maintain its sanity.

    The meaning: He's got a heart-on.

    But, wait...

    Alex Alvarez / Via

    The translation: I want to be a fish.

    The meaning Logical conclusion.

    Universal Studios / Focus Features / Via


    Alex Alvarez / Via

    The translation: To press my nose against your fish bowl.

    The meaning: ;) ;) ;) but also D: for real.

    Fox / Via

    Wait, no. Stop.

    Alex Alvarez / Via

    The translation: ...And make love bubbles wherever.

    The meaning: Oh. My. God.

    FX / Via

    It can't get any worse, right? And yet...

    Alex Alvarez / Via

    The translation: Pull an all-nighter... WET. INSIDE. YOU.

    The meaning: I mean. That's what grown folks do when they're pressing fish noses against fish bowls. Also: WHAT.


    20th Century Fox / Columbia Tristar Film / Via
    Alex Alvarez / Via

    The translation: A fish.

    The meaning: Like, in case you'd forgotten. Wet in you. As a fish.


    AMC / Via

    Wait, did you get that?

    Let me repeat it for you.

    Alex Alvarez / Via


    Showtime / Via
    Alex Alvarez / Via


    Bravo / Via

    Ok, and did you notice...

    Weight Watchers / Via

    ... that this fish is, like. A super fish that can press its nose (which, I am no fish doctor, but I think that's a rare feature for a fish to possess) against a fish bowl and then IMMEDIATELY, like, teleport into a woman's body? That is a magical horny fish. The kind your mom warned you about.

    And I mean, it goes on from there.

    Being all romantic and fish-themed and whatnot. Juan Luis Guerra sings (beautifully, too) about creating silhouettes under the moonlight and wanting to be with his lady forever, face to face, gill to gill.



    GifSec / Via

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