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18 Things That Inevitably Happen When You're A Person Who Doesn't Drive

Brrroom brrroom, I'm in me mum's car (because she's giving me a ride to work).

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1. You kinda want to die every time you have to ask "CAN I GET A RIDE?"

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2. You're often so grateful for a ride that you don't actually care that much about the mess in other people's cars.

Here's a bit of wisdom from non-drivers to drivers: We've been in enough cars to know that there's ALWAYS someone whose passenger seat is messier than yours. ALWAYS.

3. And you know that, even with a designated driver, you'll always need a plan B when it comes to getting home.

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4. But you can take comfort in knowing that you'll NEVER have to be the designated driver yourself.

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5. Surge pricing is your biggest enemy.

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$12,072.83 for a ride home on New Year's? Sounds reasonable.

6. You tend to know places by landmarks, not street names, which makes it kind of hard to give directions.


"Turn right on La Brea... Wait. Is La Brea that one street with the donut shop that's probably a drug front? Or is that every street?"

7. You have an intense love/hate relationship with public transportation, because even though it helps you get around...

Just avoid the empty subway car and you're golden.

8. …and you feel proud that you’re doing your part to help the environment…

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Ain't gonna lie, "smugly superior" is a nice feeling.

9. ...but you know too well that, yes, some cities' public transportation systems are the actual devil.


You've never lived until you've waited an hour for a transfer at night while a strange man urinates right near you.

10. You've most definitely canceled plans because getting there and back is just too difficult.


A comfy couch and pizza, or small talk in a shared ride at 3 a.m.? Hmmmmm.

11. You know that it's honestly kind of fun to complain about "the car industry."

20th Century Fox

AKA THE TRANSPORTATION MONOPOLY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. (You're also not above entertaining car-related conspiracy theories that may or may not actually be true.)

12. And sure, those of you who bike can get REALLY INTO BIKING.


But it's not like people who drive don't also get super into their cars, so pffffft.

13. You understand better than most that getting to know a city by walking >>>> driving through it.


You can't really get to know a place through a car window.

14. It's hard not to go crazy from the number of times people have told you "OK, but you HAVE to drive at some point."



15. People pointing out that "even idiots can drive" is never helpful, because YEAH, THAT'S EXACTLY THE PROBLEM.


Like, how is that supposed to make any of us WANT to be on the road?

16. Other people have just gotta learn that you can't be expected to get mad about gas prices.

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My bus pass is the same price, so.

17. You CANNOT WAIT until driverless cars become a reality for everyone.

Napping during a commute without missing your stop? Not having to rely on schedules and transfers? THE FUTURE IS GONNA BE AMAZING.

18. And you've often found yourself asking why teleportation doesn't exist.


Sci-fi shows really make it look like the most perfect way to travel.

That's about it. So... can I get a ride, by any chance?

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Hello? Anyone?

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