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18 Things That Inevitably Happen When You're A Person Who Doesn't Drive

Brrroom brrroom, I'm in me mum's car (because she's giving me a ride to work).

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2. You're often so grateful for a ride that you don't actually care that much about the mess in other people's cars.

Here's a bit of wisdom from non-drivers to drivers: We've been in enough cars to know that there's ALWAYS someone whose passenger seat is messier than yours. ALWAYS.

3. And you know that, even with a designated driver, you'll always need a plan B when it comes to getting home.

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6. You tend to know places by landmarks, not street names, which makes it kind of hard to give directions.


"Turn right on La Brea... Wait. Is La Brea that one street with the donut shop that's probably a drug front? Or is that every street?"


9. ...but you know too well that, yes, some cities' public transportation systems are the actual devil.


You've never lived until you've waited an hour for a transfer at night while a strange man urinates right near you.

11. You know that it's honestly kind of fun to complain about "the car industry."

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AKA THE TRANSPORTATION MONOPOLY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. (You're also not above entertaining car-related conspiracy theories that may or may not actually be true.)