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32 Times Joe Jonas Ruled Instagram

Long may he reign!

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1. That time he offered us a glimpse at his brother Kevin's beautiful family.

2. Actually, all the times he did that.

3. The time he shared his love of exotic animals.

4. That time he was a pizza-playing cat DJ in space.

5. And please don't forget the time he rescued a puppy from disaster.

6. That time we were all really scared for him.

7. That time he posted the only celebrity selfie that matters.

8. That time he was positively glowing.

9. The time he shared this adorable family photo.

10. The time he revealed his favorite Christmas album.

11. That time he was a flawless vision of sweatèred beauty.

12. That time he looked really grate.

13. That time he pre-memed a meme, meme-ingly.

14. That time he was a sexy fire hazard.

15. The time all his features were roughly in the right place.

16. That time he was a real winner.

17. That time he couldn't keep his excitement to himself.

18. That time that there was so much perfection in one image that we could barely handle it.

19. ...and then it happened AGAIN.

20. That time he was an icon of fashion and handsome man-ness.

21. That time he paid homage to his younger brother, Nick.

22. That time he warned you.

23. The time he uncovered the truth.

24. The time really sexy stuff happened and we all bore witness.

25. The time he didn't let fame go to his head. Can't say the same for everyone, though.

26. That time things got punny real fast.

27. That time he convinced us all that he would've made a great and worthy addition to the Twilight franchise.

28. And, finally, there's every

29. time

30. he posted

31. a picture

32. of pugs.

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